An orgasm a day… day 2

Since I am home for some time, Master T. has decided that a multi-day task is in order. Other than that I have to relax and rest a lot, for ten days I have to use an object I can find in our household to bring myself to orgasm. The moment I heard about this, some images sprang to mind, but I definitely did not have enough ideas to fill ten days. Not at that moment. This is how this slutty journey developed…


Continued from: An orgasm a day… day 1

Day 2: Pencils

Day 2 of this 10-day task started out with the disappointment that I would not be home alone as I thought I would be. At first I thought I would not be able to do what I planned, but then I decided that I would not be held back. I would just carry on with what I had planned. However, once I went upstairs, my plans changed slightly. I walked into my studio and there my eye fell on some artist pencils that I am not using. They are not of a very good quality for drawing, but I was quite sure that it would be of a premium quality for what I had in mind.

I made sure that everything was quiet around me, that I would have at least an hour to execute my task. Once I was convinced, I went into our bedroom and closed the door. I put the 22 pencils on a towel on bed and made a photo. Lubricant was put next to the pencils and another photo made. And of course I made another photo, this time with my excited pussy very close to the pencils. But I was not planning any penetration of my pussy for today’s part of the task. Master T. was very clear in His instructions that I should not only use ten different household items on ten consecutive days, but I should use it in different ways to please myself.

I assumed an easy position and applied some lubrication. Then, one by one I started inserting pencils in my ass. I stopped in between to make some photos – with one pencil in my ass… with two… with five… with ten… with twenty. Number nineteen and twenty was a bit painful to get in there, but I did not want to stop. However, I did not even try the last two. I felt that twenty was enough. The total thickness of 20 pencils is about the same as the thickness of a ‘normal’ dildo.

After making some more photos, I got off the bed and held the pencils in place with my hand. It constantly felt as if they would slip out and I think that it not being one solid piece, it might have happened had I not stopped it with my hand. Some more pictures followed before I carefully got on my knees and ‘trapped’ the pencils between my body and the floor. The same as I did the previous day, I switched the camera to video mode and recorded the images of my orgasm for Master T. This was not part of His orders for this task, but since He was so pleased with it after day 1, I decided to do it every day, if possible.

I slowly moved up and down over the pencils, allowing them to slip out some and then pushing them back in again. When I touched my pussy I was amazed at my wetness. I used it to moisten my clitoris and then concentrated on my little swollen button while slowly moving up and down the pencils. The same as the day before, my orgasm arrived quicker than I thought it would. Maybe it’s the excitement of the task? Maybe it’s because I am constantly aware that I am not alone in the house? Today there was not a chance to be discovered though, as the bedroom door was closed, which means the bedroom is off limits to everyone but Master T. Or maybe I should just stop questioning myself and enjoy the orgasms I am having and the slutty things I am doing to execute Master T.s orders? No matter what the reason, I am already looking forward to day 3 of this task.

To be continued… An orgasm a day… day 3

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6 thoughts on “An orgasm a day… day 2

  1. Your writting and description skills are amazing finially got round to viewing Rebels Notes on my laptop as it doesn’t load well on my phone. i shall return can’t believe I have missed out for soooo long xx

  2. That was entertaining because I once tried a pencil in my ass when I was young. Slipped right out. Never tried again. I applaud you on keeping all 20 in.

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