An orgasm a day… day 1

Since I am home for some time, Master T. has decided that a multi-day task is in order. Other than that I have to relax and rest a lot, for ten days I have to use an object I can find in our household to bring myself to orgasm. The moment I heard about this, some images sprang to mind, but I definitely did not have enough ideas to fill ten days. Not at that moment. This is how this slutty journey developed…


Day 1: The potato masher

Where I had quite some ideas the night before as to what I would use on the first day of this task and all those thoughts had me quite horny, the next morning was different. I was tired and had quite some difficulty in waking up. The task I had ahead of me was in my mind, but somehow I could not even remember all my ideas of the night before. I guess I can better think about these things when I’m horny. But that was not my only ‘problem’. Another issue was that one of the kids was home and I needed to be very careful where and when I would perform my task.

As the morning progressed my tiredness slowly started to disappear and my horniness somehow reappeared. Once I was quite sure of it that I would not be disturbed, I went to the kitchen and opened the drawer with the bigger kitchen utensils. The one green utensil I thought of the previous night was right there in front of me, but I knew I had to keep that for another day, when no kids were home and I had enough time to use it. Something red caught my eye and I smiled. It made me think of the time we used the old-fashioned potato masher almost a year ago. Today I chose for the modern version of this kitchen utensil.

I walked back into our living room. We have huge windows in the front and in the back. When you stand on the pavement outside, you can look right through our house to the back garden. I lowered the roller blind in the front up to about 30 centimeters from the window sill. I did not want to create a too safe environment. Somehow I liked the idea that someone just might caught a glimpse of what I was doing. At first I was planning to sit down on the floor, but I stayed in my chair right next to the back window. Anyone passing by the back of our house would see me sitting in my gown and if someone from the front glanced inside, they might have seen me making photos with my legs spread wide or the red handle of the potato masher pressed against my wet and ready pussy.

I slowly slipped it inside me, making photos in between as Master T. explicitly said that He wanted to see the photos every day. I even thought about making a short video as I put the masher on the floor and crouched over it, moving it in and out of me. As my horniness increased I sat down on the floor, my back to the front window, facing the back window. I was alert for any sounds inside the house but oblivious of anyone that might peek through the window. I moved the handle of the potato masher in and out of my pussy, fucking myself with it. Soon it was not enough. With my left hand I rubbed my clitoris while I had the masher in my right hand. Since I am right handed, my left hand could not really do the trick for me. I needed my right hand for my clitoris. The camera was positioned on the floor, recording all that I was doing.

I used my right food to support the masher and when moving my hips I still felt the handle of the kitchen utensil moving in and out of me. My right hand touched my clitoris. I started moving it around slowly at first, but horniness took over. My gown was still closed, but I needed it to be open. I needed my nipples to be pinched. Fucking myself with the potato masher, rubbing my clitoris and pinching my left nipple soon led me to a shattering orgasm.

I quickly moved again after this, getting the camera and potato masher from the floor and cleaning the latter. Then I went upstairs for a shower. My legs were still feeling shaky when I stood under the pouring water, some ten minutes after I climaxed.

To be continued… An orgasm a day… day 2

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    1. I have indeed looked at the very same utensil, but decided on the potato masher. But there’s more to follow 😉
      Nice post (yours, I mean *winks*)

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