Sexy Chocolate Dreams

At the end of February I received an email from EdenFantasys about lingerie and beauty and body products. I have browsed the site quite some times for lingerie and added some items to my wish list, but I have never looked at the beauty and body products.

Recently I spent a day at the spa with my best friend. I have booked a special body treatment and had absolutely no idea what the treatment was about. I love the days at the sauna, the freedom to walk around naked all day, to relax, to sleep, to swim, to float in the salt water or to sit between the bubbles in one of the herb baths. It’s wonderful and relaxing and spending a day with my best friend always is fun. And of course, since we always go on ladies’ days, there are lots of naked ladies around me. It’s inevitable to see the others… beautiful young women with beautiful bodies, pregnant women, old women with the stories of their lives on their bodies. All there for one common goal: to enjoy a day of relaxation.

I followed a young lady to the room where the body treatment would be done. It was a young woman and we made small talk as we entered the half-lit room. She led the way into a cubicle. Inside was a bed – wider and longer than a massage table and it had some kind of plastic on the sides of it. It almost looked like a plastic ‘blanket’. I had to follow her to another bed that was covered with towels. This was a normal massage table. Lying down on my stomach, she explained that she was first going to scrub my body and then she would apply my choice of a wrapping to my body. That would stay on for 20-30 minutes while I lay in a bed of body temperature water. Aha, I thought, that was what the other bed was for. It must be some kind of water bed.

I enjoyed her hands on my body, scrubbing away the dead skin cells. I took a shower and then I had to sit down on the other bed. The moment she approached me with the wrapping I have chosen, my mouth watered. The chocolate smelled delicious! I mentioned it and she said that what she had in the bowl was definitely not fit for consumption, but indeed it did smell delicious. The lady started applying the molten chocolate mix to my back. It felt a bit cold at first, but it was not uncomfortable. Next she put it on my right leg, then my left. The chocolate mix was applied up to about 10 centimeters from my crotch. I wondered whether she would cover the rest of the pieces the moment I lie down. After she had applied the delicious smelling mix to my left leg, she asked me to lie down on my back. There was a small pillow under my head. Chocolate went on both my hands and then on my stomach. She asked me whether I wanted the chocolate to cover my breasts or whether she should apply the mix around it. I told her to cover it. This is one thing I will never understand. Whenever I had a massage or with a Hammam treatment, they will not touch your breasts, but touch around it. In my opinion that is a lot more erotic than when they would just touch it as part of the treatment. That they do not touch one’s genitals – that I understand. That must have also been the reason why she did not apply chocolate to the top of my legs but left it the way it was.

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Once my body was almost entirely covered in chocolate, she wrapped thin plastic around my body and then the plastic ‘blanket’ was folded around me, covering me. She pushed a button above my head and slowly the bed was lowered. Soon I was lying on a water bed. It was so comfortable! The lights were dimmed and the lady left. Ten minutes later she came to check on me. All was still okay and I was feeling very drowsy. When she returned again, I had to fight to stay awake. I was feeling so relaxed! Unfortunately, that was the end of the treatment. I would have loved to stay on that bed for another half an hour or an hour, to sleep, to just relax. After I showered, I thanked her for the treatment and left. For the first hour after that I could still smell the chocolate on my body.

After this wonderful experience, I checked the website of EdenFantasys – an online sex shop – for their chocolate products. I wanted to know whether I could find something similar as to what the lady has rubbed on my body. I even found more! Edible chocolate body butter or edible body paint. These are not the only products. Rush over to the site of this sex shop and find the flavor you like. Because indeed, chocolate is not the only flavors they have. What do you think of strawberry or caramel? Yummy!

Of course I also checked the adult shop for body scrub products. There are quite some interesting products. And then my mind wandered to bath products. And my mind wandered to other things too. In my mind I see myself with another woman, together in one room. We are taking turns to scrub each other’s’ bodies. Front and back. Not missing a single spot. After the scrub we will take a shower together, gently washing each other. Having fun with a chocolate body product will definitely be next. Covering each other’s bodies with it, touching each other, exciting each other. Body touching body – back to back; breast to breast. Oh what fun we will have! And of course, after some fun, we will take a bath together and continue the fun once we are clean again…

It’s very easy to dream away when you see all the fun products on EdenFantasys. Oh and don’t even get me started on their lingerie!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Post sponsored by: EdenFantasys, a sex toystore.

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