Plugging – Epilogue

Continued from… Plugging – Day 10

The plugging training was the last part of my ass training and during these ten days (with some interruptions to give my ass some time to recover) we came to the decision that wearing the plug every day might not be the best thing to do. The last thing Master T. wants is for me to be damaged physically. Mentally I am strong enough to wear the plug every day, but since I had some discomfort during this training, He has decided that I should not wear the plug on a daily basis anymore.

This left me with mixed feelings. At the moment we decided this, I was not wearing my plug. It was as if the plug was just pulled out of my ass. I felt strangely empty. I even felt a bit emotional about it. I think Master T. saw that, because He explained that He does not want any damage to be done. Of course this is the best thing to do, but I have so accepted the plug as part of my daily routine for the last two or three months, that it felt strange to distance myself from this ‘habit’.

On the last night of my plug and ass training Master T. said that from now on only ‘maintenance’ will have to be done. He could see the progress since even the medium plug could easily be inserted. ‘Maintenance’ will be to wear my plug whenever He tells me to do so. It might be once a week, it might be every day for a week. He decides. And He also believes that if I wear the plug for a short time, my ass will be accessible quite easily.

It made me happy to know that He has so much faith in me and that He is satisfied with the progress I have made during this training. I have come to love the feeling of the plug in my ass. I once was asked whether I am not getting so used to the feeling of the plug that I do not get excited anymore. My answer was: no. Indeed, no, whenever I wear the plug – even if every day – I felt myself going wet. It was a feeling I came to enjoy – the constant anal stimulation.

Another thought struck me. Wearing my plug every day has become part of me. Now I will have to wait again until He orders me to wear it. In a way, that is even more exciting than having to wear the plug every day. I never know when. I will get the order and that already is part of the fun, part of the mindset, part of the excitement. In the past I frequently got mails from Him with only these words in it: when you get home, I want you to wear your plug. Those words always left me wet and mentally squirming for the rest of the day.

So even though at the time of writing this piece I still had mixed feelings, I guess I will get used to not wearing the plug and waiting for His orders just as quick as I got used to wearing the plug every day.

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