Plugging – Day 10

Continued from… Plugging – Day 9

(Day of training: 02.02.2012)

My high heeled slut sandals, my collar and our now golden steel toy was on the bed when I entered the bathroom. This was the last day of this training and the last day of training my ass and He told me that He had something special in mind. I thought He would want me to put the large jewel plug in my ass, but when I asked He said that He had something else in mind. Seeing the golden toy, I knew what He meant. This golden toy looks like the Njoy fun wand, but it’s not a Njoy. I lay down on my side on the bed and put the medium plug in. It felt good and I knew the two days that He wanted me to rest, did my ass good. The plug slid in quite easily and without any hurting, not even a little. He told me to put my sandals on and He left the room.

Back in the room He took my hand so I could stand up. I was still wearing my dressing gown as it was cold. He harshly opened my gown and His cold hands found my nipples. He pulled. And He gently cupped my breasts. He reached for my clitoris. And brought me to orgasm. My collar was put around my neck and more clitoral orgasms followed. When He told me to get on my hands and knees, I thought that more or less the same would happen than happened the ninth night of our training. I was on the bed on my hands and knees for some time and had two more orgasms before I remembered the golden toy.

Soon the ball side of the golden toy pressed against my wetness and slowly found its way inside. What I felt once it was nestled inside my pinkness was indescribable. I felt this intense sensation and an orgasm quickly announced itself. Luckily He gave me permission to climax. I think if He did not, I would not have been able to stop the climax. The next climax quickly arrived too. In fact, it felt as if I was climaxing in one constant stream. He did not even have to touch my clitoris and neither did I. The toy was enough to make me climax over and over again. I eventually begged Him to take it out, as it was just too much. He turned the toy around, pulled my plug from my ass and slipped the first three balls of the golden toy in my ass. Slowly He fucked me with it, keeping me on the brink of an orgasm for some time. When I asked permission to climax, He granted it. My orgasms – two more followed – came from only anal stimulation. No clitoral or other stimulation was needed. He pulled the toy out and pushed the plug back in.

“On your knees, on the floor,” He said.
He entered me from behind. His pushed in firmly, pulled out and pushed in again. He fucked me at a steady pace. I rubbed my clitoris, but my big orgasm stayed away. I felt the convulsing of His cock as He spurted His cum deep inside me. My hand was still on my clitoris, but I did not move it anymore. There won’t be another orgasm for me. The orgasms I had when the ball of the golden toy touched my G-spot (which I believe was that incredible feeling) had tired me. He removed the plug and I sat up, on my knees. The collar was removed too and He firmly hugged me, putting His arms around me while I leant back against him. I was content, happy.

And deep inside I looked forward to the next training. Not a training of my ass, He told me. But what subject of the training would be, He did not want to tell me.

To be continued… Plugging – Epilogue

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