Our first munch

On Friday we went to our first Fetlife munch.

I was dressed according to Master T.’s instructions.

Since the place establishment where the munch was held, had a vanilla setting, my clothing seemed to be vanilla too. We first wanted to ‘explore’ whether it would be possible to reveal what I was wearing under my blazer.

We hoped that there would be an opportunity for me to unbutton the piece of clothing that covered the top I was wearing.

I never got to unbutton my blazer.

No one saw what I was hiding underneath.

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24 thoughts on “Our first munch

  1. mmmm you look beautiful and what a delicious little temptation under your blazer.

    I would love to meet you at one of our muches… i would certainly give you good reason to reveal your secrets 😉


  2. Thats a shame, you should’ve came to mine, you would not have been out of place! Very nice!

  3. Well their lose is our gain…. such a shame you didn’t get to share though… maybe the warmer weather will bring about an opportunity for less… or more of less!


    1. I guess each munch is different, depending on the people who are there and what exactly the setting is 🙂
      My advice: just give it a try.

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