Jailbird: The holding cell

Continued from… The arrest

Her head hurt. Rebel raised her hand to touch her aching head. Her hand never reached her head. It stopped about halfway there. Rebel opened her eyes. There was little light and she could hardly see anything. She tried to move her hand again. This time she felt the restraint that was around her wrist. Trying to move her other hand, she realized that both her hands were restrained. She lifted her head to look at her hands. The leather band that kept her head in place almost choked her.

Panic! Rebel felt panic. Fear.

She tried to move her legs and just as Rebel already expected, they were tied down too. Rebel slowly became fully aware of her position. Her legs were spread wide and her feet were tied. Her arms were tied at her side. She had more room to move her arms than she had to move her legs. Rebel could hardly move her head. The leather band running from the one side of her neck to the other and which was seemingly tied to the surface she was lying on constricted her movement. Moving her eyes and straining to see in the little light, she noticed a small window above her. It did not let in enough light for her to see any of her surroundings, but the noises around her told her that she was in the back of a van.

Then she remembered! She was thrown into the back of a big black van by six uniformed men. They have arrested her for… yes, for what actually? She remembered that they have said something about disturbing the public peace and something about a bus tour and false pretenses. What did they mean? What had she done that got herself arrested? Rebel did not understand. And being tied down like this, naked on the floor of a van must surely not be the way that arrestees are treated? Something else must be going on. Of that Rebel was quite sure, but she just could not place her finger on what it should be that was going on. She felt fear. Fear for what might follow.

Rebel heard movement above her. As best as she could she turned her eyes upwards to look at the small window above her. She recognized the face of one of the six men who arrested her.
“She’s awake,” she heard him say and then his face disappeared again.
“Please stop,” she begged, “please untie me? Please let me out? Please? I have to call my husband. He does not know where I am.”
“Your husband has already been informed,” someone from the front of the van said.
Before she could react, the man’s face was gone and the sliding window was in place again. The only sounds she now heard were that of the van. She could not hear the men anymore; neither could they hear her.

After a couple of turns, the van came to a stop. Rebel was not prepared for the stream of light that rushed into the back of the van when the door swung open. The man in charge got into the back of the van with her. He stood over her, one foot on each side of her body. His face was in the shadows – the light was coming from behind him – but she felt him staring at her. A shiver of fear ran through her body, but at the same time she felt a trickle of wetness running from her pussy.

As if he knew this, he reached down and ran his fingers between her labia.
“Just as I thought, you whore,” he growled, “you are soaking wet.”
Abruptly he got out of the van, instructing the men to bring her. Two of the men got into the van and started to untie her. Apparently they were prepared for her to fight her captivation. Her feet were untied first and two men, still standing outside the fan, held onto her legs so she could not kick around her. Once her arms were untied, the men held their knees on her upper arms. Lastly they removed the leather strap that kept her from moving her head.

Rebel was pulled up by the two men inside the van. She was naked. There were people on the street – some of them were just passing by, others glanced inside the van. Some people even stopped to watch the spectacle. The men helped Rebel out of the van, holding her firmly. Her gown – which she was lying on in the van – was hung around her shoulders and more or less tied around her waist. It covered most of her nakedness, although not everything. Her breasts could still be seen.

With Rebel between the two men, two other men walking behind her and two of them leading the way, the group entered the police station. Officers behind the counter and people seated in the waiting room looked up in surprise when the group entered. No one said anything.

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“We are taking her to the holding cell,” the man in charged said to someone behind the counter. Rebel could not see who he was talking too. They entered a long corridor and almost to the end of it, they stopped. Rebel watched as they opened the white door of a cell. The door seemed to be very heavy, as two men had to make a combined effort to open it.

Inside the cell had walls covered with what seemed to mattresses. The man in charge saw the surprise in her eyes.
“Now, we do not want you to hurt yourself, right?” he smiled.
As if in a daze she turned her head towards him.
“Get her in there,” he ordered the men who were holding her.
Rebel was lead to the far wall and only then she saw the cuffs and chains and several hooks attached to the wall. Her gown was taken from her. She was pushed against the wall and her hands were cuffed and tied above her head. Her legs were cuffed and the cuffs were attached to short chains on the wall. Her legs were slightly spread. Her back was against the wall. Five men left the cell and only the man in charge still stood in the doorway, watching her.

He grinned and pushed a button on the wall. Rebel’s arms were pulled up, stretching her arms and her body. Her breasts were forced forward and she was almost standing on her toes. To keep her balance, she had to press her hips forward too. This was exactly in the position the man in charge wanted her in.

He left the cell and the heavy cell door was pushed in place. The hatch on the cell door was closed. Rebel was left alone in the dark – bound and naked.

To be continued… The first time

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