Jailbird: The gurney

Continued from… The first time

What she expected would happen, did not happen. One of the men who entered the cell pulled a black fabric bag over her head. Her body was lowered, her hands unhooked and the cuffs were taken from her wrists. She was held by the men – how many she did not know – and she heard a scratching sound coming from the door.

Rebel was picked up by four men and put face down on an old-fashioned gurney. Her legs were pulled sideways, as were her arms. The men put a cuff around each of her wrist and then cuffed her to the vertical steel bars under the gurney bed. Her ankles were secured in the same way. Once again her legs were spread. The men could not only see her pussy – from which the cum of the man who had just fucked her were still dripping – but they could also see her asshole. Their lust was fuelled, but they had specific orders about what they had to do. They could not satisfy their hunger… yet.

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A cool fluid was applied to Rebel’s exposed asshole. She moaned behind the gag and struggled against the cuffs. No one paid attention to this. The cool lubricant was spread across her asshole and then something pressed against it. The object slowly slipped into her hole. Even though it was only millimeters inside her, Rebel had the feeling that it was something huge. She struggled and wriggled, trying to move away from it and succeeding to let it slip out again. Two men grabbed her and held her hips down. Rebel tried to move, but they were too strong.

Again the tip of the object was just inside her anus. Whoever was holding the thing had a firm grip on it. He pushed it in a bit; then pulled it out. Each time he pushed in, he pushed in just a bit further than he did before. Slowly he worked his way in. Rebel felt her muscles relax and she was utterly ashamed of the pleasure she felt. Again she tried to move away from the intrusion, but the men were still holding her tightly. She felt the growing wetness of her pussy. She blushed, but deep down she knew the wetness would only get more.

The widest part of the butt plug slipped into her and the plug was pushed in place. It was pulled out again. And pushed in again. Slowly at first. Then picking up the pace. Fucking her with the plug. Waiting just a bit longer before he pushed it back in. Making her long for more. Having her begging for more behind the gag. Pushing it back in harder. Stretching her. Getting her anal muscles used to accept the intrusion, to want the intrusion. She wanted the man to stop. No, she did not want him to stop. Even though she could hardly move, she now moved her hips to meet the fucking of the plug. Her pussy burnt with desire to be touched. Rebel moaned behind the gag, begging for someone to touch her clitoris, but she was not understood. Fluid squirted from her orgasmic pussy when her muscles contracted and her anus swallowed the bigger part of the plug.

The hard slaps on her ass cheeks surprised her.
“Whoever said you were allowed to climax?” one of the men asked.
Rebel tried to talk behind the gag, but more hard slaps landed on her ass.
“I cannot understand you, slut, speak up.”
Even though her attempts to be understood were futile, she tried again.
More sharp stings fell on her already burning ass.
“Speak up, bitch,” the man laughed and continued to slap her. By the time he stopped, her ass was furiously red and on fire.

Rebel felt the cool softness of the cloth that the man draped over her. It soothed her burning ass. It brushed against her hand. And her feet. Rebel realized that a sheet covered all of her, probably shielding her from being seen. The gurney started moving. Sounds of people talking became louder. When she heard the sounds out on the street, Rebel realized that they have just rolled the gurney pass the reception area of the police station. She heard doors open – the van’s doors? The gurney bumped into something and from the scraping sound it made it was evident that the gurney or part of it was pushed into the back of a vehicle. Rebel was quite sure that she was back in the van.

Doors slammed shut and the vehicle started moving. Rebel was surprised to hear sirens and instantly realized that she was in the back of an ambulance. Where were they taking her? Where was her husband? Has he been informed of her arrest? Why are they transporting her in an ambulance? What is going on? This was not an arrest as they wanted her to believe! Her heart ached with fear. This was kidnapping!

She started screaming, but the muffled sound coming from behind the gag was totally wiped out by the sound of the sirens. She was at mercy of these men.

To be continued… The chair

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