Jailbird: The first time

Continued from… The holding cell

She blinked her eyes several times when the cell door opened again. Her arms were numb and her legs were tired. Her wrists hurt from where the cuffs had left some abrasions. At first she had constantly tried to adjust her position, but she had stopped with it when the cuffs hurt her just too much. Just hanging in them had proved to be the best option.

Rebel had no idea how long the men had left her there. Her eyes did not seem to be able to adjust to the sharp light which was switched on. She constantly blinked and tried to focus on what was happening. She heard the sound of the door that was closing again. Rebel’s eyes slowly started to focus. There was only one man in the cell with her. It was the man who was in charge of her arrest. He had the same mean grin on his face that he had just before they left her alone in the cell.

He approached her, stopping right in front of her. His chest touched her nipples, instantly evoking reaction. She blushed when she felt the hardening of her nipples. He looked her in the eyes. Rebel did not know what to do – should she say something or should she just keep her mouth shut? She did not even allow herself to debate an answer to this question.
“I want you to untie me and let me go,” she demanded, “I have done nothing wrong. I think you must have the wrong person. You definitely are mistaking me with…”

He laughed. A loud booming laugh. He threw his head back and he laughed. A split second later his face was almost touching hers. There was no smile at all on his face. His eyes were cold.
“What you want is not important,” he hissed.
His mean voice shocked Rebel into silence.
“My wish is your command,” he spoke again. The evil grin was back, and this time it was his own wittiness with words that amused him. His face was still only millimeters from Rebel’s.
“I am going to have so much fun with you!”
And then he laughed again.

He turned and took two steps away from her. With his back turned towards her, he started to undress. Rebel was horrified. What was he going to do? Of course, without even having to think about it, she more or less knew the answer to this.

He turned back towards her – naked. His erection was huge. All she could do was stare at it, her mouth open. She did not even notice the device in his hand. Only when he pressed it against her open mouth did she start to struggle and tried to fight him off. Her restricted position prevented her from succeeding. The gag was snapped in place almost before Rebel realized what was happening. He bent down and in one smooth movement he simultaneously unsnapped the hooks on the chains of the cuffs around her ankles. He pulled her legs up and hooked his arms under them. He anchored himself holding onto two hooks on either side of her. Rebel was almost folded double, her weight held by his arms and hers.

He leaned back, pushing his pelvis forward and looked down at her widely spread pussy. The inner pink of her pussy was clearly visible, the glistening welcoming him. When he looked at the woman in front of him, raw lust could be seen in his eyes. Rebel screamed behind the gag. He could not understand any of her “please don’t” but she clearly understood his words.
“You are so fucking wet! You want this as much as I do, slut!”
Rebel turned her head away.

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With one hard, painful thrust he slammed deep into her stretched pussy. She screamed. He grinned at the muffled sound of her screams, pulled his cock out and pushed hard into her again. The wetness of her betraying cunt made it easier for him to enter her and less painful for her. Nevertheless the thickness and length of his cock gave her a sensation of being torn apart. The man quickened his pace, watching his cock moving in and out of her pussy. He fucked her hard, pushing all of his big penis into her every time.

He groaned as he spurted his cum deep into her and quickly pulled out of her. Abruptly he let go of her legs, causing her wrists to bruise even more when her feet slammed on the floor below her. His fluids dripped from her bruised pussy. Within seconds he was dressed and left the room. The door did not close. Five men entered the room – lust evident in their eyes.

Rebel hung her head, quite sure of what would follow.

To be continued… The gurney

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  1. Quite compelling! I felt like that proverbial fly on the wall 🙂

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    1. mmm sometimes being a fly on the wall is a good thing 😉
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