Jailbird: The arrest

A far-away sound woke her. She was still half asleep and thought that the sound that she was hearing was her alarm clock. She reached for the button and turned the sound off. It did not stop. It sounded urgent, and it was irritating, penetrating deep into her mind. Her mind had difficulty to fully process what she was hearing. Slowly the cloudiness started to fade. Her brain managed to form proper thoughts. She was off from work for a week. This was her first day off. She did not set the alarm clock. Dammit! The sound was the front door bell and whoever was pressing it, was getting very impatient. The sound of the doorbell was now almost a continuous ring. Suddenly she realized that it might be her husband at the front door. Did he lock himself out of the house?

This thought instantly had Rebel wide awake. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was only ten minutes after her husband had given her a kiss when he left to go to his work. It must definitely be him at the front door. She jumped out of bed and grabbed her gown. Underneath the gown she was naked. On bare feet she ran down the stairs and towards the front door. Normally she would first have checked who was on the other side of the door, but since she expected it to be her husband, she unlocked and opened the door in one smooth movement. What happened next was totally surreal. Six men were outside on the doorstep. They barged into the house, standing on all sides of her. Surrounding her. Rebel felt threatened. News items of men pretending to be police officers shot through her mind.

Two of the men grabbed her upper arms, holding it firmly. She looked at them and opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, the man right in front of her spoke.
“Madam, you are under arrest for disturbing the public peace, participating in and inciting public immorality and using a tour bus under false pretenses,” the man – who seemed to be in charge – said, looking her straight in the eyes.
“Under arrest?” she echoed, “For what?”
Rebel realized that this was a very dumb question after what he had said only moments before.
“I have no idea what you are talking about,” she said, straightening her back and equally meeting the gaze of the man in front of her.

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Her words made absolutely no impression on him. He nodded to the two men who held her arms and their grips grew firmer. Rebel tried to pull her arms free from their hands, but she only succeeded in pulling open part of the gown she was wearing. Shamelessly the man standing in front of her looked at her half exposed breast. His eyes found hers again. A sly smile slowly formed around his mouth.
“Bring her,” he ordered as he turned on his heels and walked outside towards a big black van waiting outside. The men holding her arms started to walk and expected her to do the same.

“No,” she begged, “please wait. Please, I have done nothing wrong.”
The men almost dragged her with them. She stopped, trying to pull her arms from the grips of the two men. One of the three men that walked behind her, bumped into her. She lost her balance. Hard-handedly she was pulled back to her feet again. Rebel was appalled when she looked down. Her gown was half open, exposing one of her breasts and one of her thighs, almost all the way to her crotch. She looked around, afraid that the neighbors might see her. Somewhere deep in her mind a thought stirred: she was afraid that her neighbors might see her like this, but did not once worry about these men seeing her exposed breast.

The sound of the heavy back door banging against the side of the van as it was opened brought her mind back to what was happening. Rebel realized that she had willingly walked the last couple of meters with the men. But when she realized that she would be put in the back of the van, she resisted. The men held her firmly, hurting her. They pushed her towards the open door. Rebel could not care anymore who could see her. She lifted her legs, planted her feet on the bumper of the car and locked her knees. She wriggled her body, trying to loosen the grip on her arms. In the process the belt of her gown slipped from her waist and her gown fell open. Rebel could not hide her nakedness anymore. She did not care. All she wanted was for the men to let go of her so she could get back to bed.

“Grab her!” the man in charge snarled.
The men had no mercy. The two that held her arms all the time bruised her upper arms when they locked their arms around her. One of the three men that walked behind her grabbed he waist and the other two rushed around to grab her legs. Rebel kicked. She wriggled. She moaned. She begged. Relentlessly the men literally threw her in the back of the van. Sliding hard across the floor, she stopped when she banged her head on something hard inside the back of the van. Rebel blacked out.

To be continued… The holding cell

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