Gag training


“As from tonight you will be gag trained,” He said and I looked at Him in surprise.
While looking at Him, thoughts raced through my mind. Gag training? How should I react to that? Do I even want to be gag trained? Oops, I thought, He is the one who decides what happens. I am the one who follows His wishes.

I nodded.
“I want you to be used to the gag by Friday,” He spoke again and again I nodded. Friday was the day that we would go to a hotel and spend the afternoon and the night there. Why did He want me to be used to the gag by then? Not long after that, we went upstairs. The gag was on the bed when I returned from the bathroom.
“You can relax until I am back from the bathroom,” He said as He left the room.
I lay down on the bed, feeling more relaxed than I thought I would be. I even almost drifted off to sleep while I waited for His return. The moment He opened the door, I was wide awake.

“Come stand in front of me,” He ordered.
He held the ball of the gag against my mouth. I opened my mouth and turned around; holding my hair up so He could fasten the strap of the gag behind my head.
Breathe, I thought, breathe. I breathed through my mouth and for a couple of moments it went well. I tried my best not to think about gagging, not to think about the saliva that might soon run from my mouth. And then, just as I tried not to think about it, I gagged. Instinctively I pulled the ball of the gag from my mouth and inhaled. The gag reflex subsided.

“I am here with you,” my Husband said, “just stay calm. Relax. You have to get used to this; you want to get used to this.”
His soothing voice calmed me down. Until the saliva slowly escaped from my mouth. I wanted to wipe it away. He caught my hand.
“It doesn’t matter. Just allow it to run from your mouth.”
I closed my eyes, concentrated on my breathing and tried to relax. I felt His hand between my legs; His finger on my clitoris. Only one orgasm followed before I gagged again. I could not control the reflex anymore. I pulled the ball away from my mouth and each time I put it in place again, the gag reflex was back.

I felt disappointed when He unfastened the strap behind my head and removed the gag. I felt as if I failed. In bed He pulled me in His arms and told me that He was proud of me, that it will be better the next night. In His arms I felt safe; I felt better. And when He fucked me, my disappointment was almost gone.

The next day He told me that He would not continue with the training. Not yet. He realized that I would not get used to the gag in only four days and we would proceed with the training after our hotel experience. I felt relief, but also disappointment. I wanted nothing more than to please Him, but I knew that He was right. We needed to take more time for this training.

© Rebel’s Notes

2 thoughts on “Gag training

  1. I had to throw my gag out as it was not made of a good material. I need to get a new one. Preferably made of silicone. I miss having a ball gag. Hope your training goes well. You can always downgrade to a smaller one and work your way up to a larger one. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the tip to downgrade to a smaller one, Mina.
      I have no idea what material mine is made of. I will keep both the tip of a smaller one and silicone as material in mind.
      Rebel xox

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