Free shopping (1/2)

On the last working day of the year she only had to work half a day. On her way home she stopped at the local shopping center as she had some errands to do. She walked out of the second shop on her way to the third. Her thoughts suddenly turned to the security guard, who was about ten years younger than she was. He’s a nice, outgoing, friendly man. He always has a smile ready for everyone, but he is also very serious about his job and spot shoplifters long before they even think about shoplifting anything! She rounded a corner and there he was, about 100 meters in front of her and approaching her.

“I was just thinking about you,” she said at the same moment as he said: “I am not used to seeing you here alone.”
Neither of them commented on what the other said. She held him by the arm and he bent towards her. It was clear that she wanted to say something that the other shoppers do not have to hear.
“I am in the mood for some free shopping,” she said, “so you might want to keep an eye on me.”
“Oh, that I definitely will, especially if it means I get to punish you,” he chuckled.
“Watch out,” she said, “I might enjoy it.”
They both laughed as she turned around and sassily swinging her hips, walked away. If only he knew, she thought.

Several shops and about an hour later, she noticed people looking at some commotion behind her. She was about to turn around when two strong arms grabbed her from behind. She glanced over her shoulder and see that it was the security guard she had joked with earlier.
“Haha funny guy, you can let go now, before all these people think I really stole something,” she laughed and felt herself turn bright red. She never liked to have all attention on her.
The security guard held onto her arms.
“Mam, I need you to come with us,” he said. He did not smile and he sounded very serious.
She tried to pull free from his grip.
“Stop it,” she said, starting to feel irritation. This was not funny anymore.
“Mam, please do not resist and just come with us quietly.”
“That’s enough,” she hissed and pulled harder to free herself.

Only then did she see the second security guard. It was someone she had not seen around before. He moved towards her and switched places with the man standing behind her. His grip on her arms was even tighter. The first security guard – the one whom she joked with earlier – was now in front of her. She looked at his face. He looked back. There was not one thing in his face that told her that this was a joke. He started to do a body search. His big hands felt under her arms and his thumbs pressed down hard on her breasts. She gasped, but he gave no notion of that. His hands moved towards the pockets of her coat and disappeared in it. He had three bright-colored sexy G-strings in his right hand when he pulled it from her pocket.

She was shocked. Even more so when saw the price tickets on the strings. How the hell did those get in her pocket?
“I didn’t do it,” she started to say, but he interrupted her.
“You are hereby arrested for shoplifting. You will be taken to the offices to fill in forms and it will be reported to the police. The police will decide how to proceed.”

To be continued… Free shopping (2/2)

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