80 including 3

In my post called “Fucked out” I posted the absolute last photo of almost 500 that my Husband have made when we stayed in a hotel on the eve of my birthday this year. In the very same post I said that it was what I looked like after 80 orgasms. Yes, 80 orgasms.

I know that I am in privileged to be multi-orgasmic, and I hope that for many years to come I will still be able to achieve multiple orgasms.  Here is a small excerpt from an article I found on multiple orgasms:

Definition of multiple orgasms: experiencing orgasms within half a minute to a minute apart, which is quite close together. Each orgasm in a multiple session doesn’t have to be earth shattering, it can be waves of pleasure, or even tension releases, we all experience orgasms differently and at different intensities, so multiple orgasms also vary with each individual.

Fact: Women are more multi-orgasmic than men because they don’t have to go through as long a refractory period as men. And when they do orgasm they remain on a plateau stage, which means they stay aroused even after an orgasm. Once a woman experiences an orgasm, she is likely to be able to achieve another if she keeps stimulating her genitals after, though your clitoris may be too sensitive, use other indirect stimulation on your vagina, labia, anus or breasts/nipples.

Even when I am not feeling very aroused, once I have my first orgasm, I can have several more. Sometimes I have as little as 5 in one ‘session’ but I can even go up to 15 or 20 in a session of two or three hours. Maybe more, all depending on how horny I am. On the afternoon of our first hotel experience, I was very horny. We were in the room for no more than half an hour when my husband put my collar around my neck. Soon my cuffs followed, I was tied up, clamps were put on my nipples and labia and the stimulation started. I was horny – very horny. Being alone with my husband on clear daylight in a place where we knew we would definitely not be disturbed, I could just let go of all inhibitions and enjoy.

It was only with my second orgasm that I remembered: I had to count. He said it the night before. When we took our first break, I noticed a small notebook and pencil next to the phone. I grabbed it and wrote ’14’. My Husband immediately realized what it meant. As the afternoon progressed, more notes followed. We were in our room roundabout a quarter after 1 in the afternoon. We had to wait for wine to be delivered to our room before we could start our fun. I think we were in the room about half an hour when that happened. Dinner reservations were made for 7pm. We stopped to clean up and get dressed at about 6pm, just a little over 4 hours after our fun started. Before we left the room we added up the numbers on the notepad.


65 orgasms.

And I still was very horny!

We returned to our room just after 9pm and the fun almost immediately resumed. Two hours and 15 orgasms later, I lay on the floor… fucked out after a total of 80 orgasms!

Something I always said is that once I had one of my huge – mostly anally stimulated – orgasms, my horniness is over and I need to fully recover from that. Mostly ‘recovering fully’ means that I want to sleep and wake the following morning and then maybe I will be in the mood for sex again. However, I proved myself wrong on this day with its huge amount of orgasms. Three of the 80 orgasms I counted, were huge ones – all anally stimulated. Two were had in the hours of fun during the afternoon and the last one was the conclusion for the evening, just before I fell to the floor – exhausted and content.

There are so much more to tell about this afternoon. It was an afternoon of several firsts – first time with my husband in a hotel, first time I had three huge orgasms in one day and the first time I had an orgasm by stimulation of my nipples… oh and the first time… nah, I will keep that story for another time 😉

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7 thoughts on “80 including 3

  1. I helped my wife get 18 orgasms in an hour. She was so far gone that she had no idea how many or how long it had been. Remains her personal record almost a year later. 80? Wow!

  2. what a delicious evening… i have tried counting before, but always lose count lol

    i love being multi orgasmic and i love nipple orgasms!!!! how wonderful that it happened for you.

    Can’t wait to hear what the other first was 😉


    1. That was one of the best evenings of my life. And I will soon be telling about the other first 😉
      Thanks for your comment luv!

  3. It is wonderful being multi-orgasmic isn’t it! I regularly do 10-15 within the period of an hour. I am also able to “roll” my orgasms so that they just keep on coming continuously with only a few secs or so in between – the longest I have kept that going is just over half an hour – wonderfully exhausting!!

    It sounds as though you had the most amazing time for your birthday!! So looking forward to hearing more of your time there!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. I love being multi-orgasmic. The feeling of cumming over and over again… yum!
      Thanks for your comment hun!
      Rebel xox

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