I stand in front of Him. He looks down at me. I smile, He smiles. I feel the love streaming through my body as I look into His kind eyes. Then I see the split second in which the look in His eyes changes. I have noticed this more frequently lately. It is as if the look in His eyes changes from husband to Master. He changes from being my life partner, to being my Owner. I love to see this. It changes something in me too. I feel myself being humbled. I can feel the blind faith in which I submit my body and mind to Him.

He bends His head. His lips seek mine and He gently kisses me. His tongue teases mine and ignites a fire deep inside me. I feel my pussy twitching and my nipples harden. His one hand rests in my neck, holding me close to Him. His other hand finds its way to my breast, fondling it, kneading it. His touch is firm, attempting to take all of my breast in His hand. He hurts me, but in such a delicious way. I arch my back, pushing myself into Him, offering Him even more, wanting Him to take it all. His fingers find my nipples, twitching it, starting gently, intensifying His pinching, fuelling the fire inside me, making my juices flow.

Sometimes His hand finds my bare breast, exposing it to the cool air, not worried about who could see it if we stand in front of the window. I sigh with my mouth open against His or I break away, look in His eyes to see the want, the lust, the control… only to close my eyes and feel His mouth on mine again. To be aware only of the sensations in my body…

… my tongue and His;

… His fingers twitching my nipple;

… the wetness between my legs;

… His hand in my neck, keeping me close to Him;

… the surrender of my body and mind;

… seeing my lust mirrored in His eyes.

I am mostly the one who breaks away from Him. The feelings inside me just get too much, too intense. I feel like I might forget where I am, forget that someone from outside might see us, forget that we have kids, forget that there are some circumstances in which I cannot be the slut I want to be for Him. I love the way He makes me feel so small and so special, the way He claims my body as His by only His touch.

He makes me feel wanted…

… I give all of me to Him.

© Rebel’s Notes

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