Plugging – Day 9

Continued from… Plugging – Day 8

(Day of training: 30.01.2012)

When He ordered me to stand on my hands and knees, I thought this evening would be the same as the fourth night of our training. Yes, of course, some elements were the same, but on the other hand it was different.

He kneeled behind me on the bed. I expected Him to pull the plug out and push it back in, but He surprised me by slapping my buttocks. A couple of slaps later I felt the burning, but I did not pull away. Occasionally He slapped me in such a manner that He pushed against the plug. This sent tiny electrical shocks through my loins. Master T. leant forward and grabbed one of my hanging breasts. He squeezed it hard and pinched my nipple. The other breast received the same treatment. He alternated between the two for a while and then He slapped my ass again. His hands returned to my breasts and I squirmed, pushing Him away.

“Stay still,” He ordered. I stood on my hands and knees again and this time He pinched my nipples even harder than before. I moaned, but did not push Him away again. He moved behind me and spread my legs some more. Master T, was now kneeling between my spread legs and slowly pulled the plug from my ass. My ass was still feeling sensitive after the treatment it had in the last days. I mentioned this and He was very gentle. With one hand He moved the plug in and out and with the other He rubbed my clitoris. Several times He brought me to the brink of an orgasm; twice He allowed me to orgasm.

I sighed when He entered and started to fuck me. The plug in my ass moved around, but I wanted to feel more. I did not care anymore that my ass was hurting a bit. I was too horny to care. I rubbed my clitoris, feeling my wetness and wanting to climax. For some or other reason when I am on my knees, it’s more difficult for me to reach my orgasm. I have never understood this and come to accept that it’s just part of who I am. This time was no different. Master T. climaxed before me.

For a split second I considered to stop, but I was just too horny. I needed the orgasm. And Master T. knew what else I needed. He started to fuck me with the plug while I was still vigorously rubbing my clitoris. Even I had to work hard for it, I wanted this orgasm badly! Just when I thought that I should give up, I felt a tingle in my thighs. I continued. I alternated the pressure on my clitoris from soft to hard, slow to fast. I worked hard for my orgasm. I felt my nipples harden. My ass muscles clenched the plug as it was pushed back in again. I tensed my body and a couple of seconds later my orgasm took hold of me.

Even though my ass felt more sensitive afterwards, I fell asleep in His arms with a smile on my face.

To be continued… Plugging – Day 10

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