Plugging – Day 8

Continued from… Plugging – Day 7

(Day of training: 27&28.01.2012)

After the training of the night before, I was still horny when this day started. I had to work and several times during the day I realized that I was wet. I found myself frequently touching my breasts and wanting to squeeze them. But I had to wait until I came home…

One can say that the training of day 8 happened on two days. Both of the evenings – Friday and Saturday – we went to bed quite late. We love the Friday evenings, where we do not have to watch the clock to go to bed on time because we have to work the next day. Friday night it got especially late. It was 2.30am before we went to bed. I had my Njoy plug in from 6pm on Friday and Master T. thought that it was enough training for one day. But He said, this current training would end one day later.

On Saturday my Njoy plug went in at 6.30pm and roundabout 1am we went to bed. Master T. reminded me to insert the medium plug. I did, under His watchful eye. The plug went in easy, but my ass was still feeling a bit sensitive. It was clear that this training was taking its toll, but I was determined to continue it. He called me over to stand in front of him. I had to turn around, facing away from Him and then kneel. He told me to sit back on my legs. I did and then I had to wait for about fifteen minutes until He came back in the room. I tried my best to sit still during the wait, but I just cannot sit on my legs that long. I wish I could, because I want nothing more than to wait for Him in exactly the position He has left me in. I raised my ass to stand on my knees and relax my legs. I bent forward to rest my elbows on the floor and to relax my legs. Every time I returned to the position I had to be in, but I just could not hold it for too long.

I was allowed to stand up when He came back. Even though I moved around while I was waiting, my legs felt numb when I stood up. I heard Him moving around behind me and then I felt something being run down my back. Tracing the outlines of my body, my legs, my arms. Up and down. I tried to figure out what it was. I had an idea, but my mind did not want to believe it. No. He would not. He told me to turn around and my suspicion was confirmed: He had the cane in His hand. He continued to trace the outline of my body – the front this time. He ran the point of the cane around my nipples.

“You have to feel this too,” He said. I did not reply. He repeated His words and all I did was to nod.
“You do agree with me, right?” He said. Again I said nothing. Again He repeated His words.
“I guess,” I eventually said.
“You have to know how it feels,” He said. I just looked at Him and screamed NO inside my head.
“Because you have no idea how this feels, I will let you choose. Where do you want to feel it for the first time: your buttocks or your breasts?”
I thought for a while. During flogging I have frequently thought that it hurts more than I expected it to. Maybe my breasts would not hurt as much, I thought. I chose for my breasts.

He tapped the cane on my breast. Soft and harder. Hard and softer. Occasionally it stung. Sometimes it stung enough for me to raise my hands and cover my breasts. He ordered me to lower my hands and I did. The tapping of my breasts continued. I breathed in deep and suddenly it was over. He put the cane away and told me to lie down on bed – on my back.

“Play with yourself,” He ordered, “and use your one hand to fuck yourself with the plug.”
My fingers and my hand went to work. It felt good and faintly I knew that I was working towards an orgasm, but something was missing. When Master T. pushed against the plug and stuck His thumb in my pussy, my orgasm was a fact. The plug stayed in place, but this was not a problem. I was starting to get used to it, it seemed. His finger found my clitoris again and He rubbed, but it was just too sensitive. I closed my legs. He demanded that I open them again. I did, only to close them again. Constantly He reminded me to keep my legs spread. I begged Him to be gentle because my clitoris was very sensitive. I squirmed, begged and eventually I climaxed again. And so did He.

To be continued… Plugging – Day 9

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