Plugging – Day 7

Continued from… Plugging – Day 3 to 6

(Day of training: 26.01.2012)

I was on the bed, medium plug in place and waiting for Master T. to come back to the bedroom. I was wearing my warm dressing gown and had it wrapped all around me. I moved my hips some and felt the plug in my ass. I tightened my ass around the plug and relaxed again. It felt good. The way the base of the medium plug kept my ass opened somewhat more than the Njoy plug, just feels so good. I realized that I was feeling horny. Tired, but horny. While lying on my side, I threw the one half of the gown off me and ran my hand over my leg, my hips and my breast. My nipple was hard and I suspected that it was not because I was cold.

I softly rolled my nipple between my fingers, feeling it harden even more. My hand moved back to my hip, my upper leg and then towards the plug. I pushed lightly and again tightened my ass muscles and relaxed them again. My hand went back to my breast, cupping it, lightly pinching the nipple.

Master T. walked back into the room. He lay down behind me.
“That looks very inviting,” He said and pinched my nipple hard enough for me to gasp.
“Your nipple was hard, and now it’s even harder,” He said as He moved His hand to my other breast, which was still covered by part of the dressing gown.
“And this one is so soft,” He commented. “That has to change.”
Again He pinched. It hurt, but I felt my clitoris react. Damn, I was horny.

Master T. concentrated entirely on my nipples. He pinched and rolled them between His fingers. Soft. Hard. He sucked on them and bit them. Soft and hard. Small electrical currents seemed to run through my clitoris. I wanted it to be touched. It was as if Master T. read my thoughts.
“I will not touch your cunt and neither will you. This will be almost like edging, but then different.” He knew how easily stimulating my nipples and breasts can ignite the horniness in me, can make me long for having my pussy touched.
He bit me harder, pinched me harder. He grabbed my breast in one hand and squeezed. One by one. I arched my back, pushing my breast into His hand but at the same time moaning from pain and wanting to pull away from him. The squeezing of my breast, pinching and biting of my nipples went on for almost ten minutes. I felt the growing wetness between my legs. I wanted to be touched so bad, wanted to be brought to orgasm by His hand. The torture of my tits and nipples almost brought me to the edge of an orgasm, but was just not enough to really make me climax.

Suddenly He stopped.
“The plug can come out now,” He said.
I rolled over on my side, a bit disappointed that He really was not going to make me cum and waiting for the horny feeling to subside just a bit. Master T. saw this as an invitation to torture me just a bit more. He spread my buttocks and slowly pulled the plug out of my ass. I shivered with pleasure when the widest part of the plug passed my sphincter and shivered even more when He pushed the plug back in. My pussy twitched and my clitoris begged to be touched. I was slowly fucked by the plug – for no more than two minutes before He pulled the plug from my ass.

Empty. It felt so empty. My pussy was still dripping wet when He opened His arms for me a couple of minutes later so we could go to sleep.

To be continued… Plugging – Day 8

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