Plugging – Day 3 to 6

Continued from… Plugging – Day 2

(Day of training: 22/23/24/25.01.2012)

On the third night, I followed the orders I received on the first night of this training. On my way to bed, I went to the bathroom to get ready. The Njoy plug came out and back in the bedroom I took the medium steel plug from the drawer where I hide it. I lay down on my side on the bed, put lubricant on my ass and inserted the plug.

“That went in very easy,” my Husband commented and I agreed.
I was still on my side when he lay down behind me. He pulled the plug out a bit and slipped it back in. After a couple of times He whispered in my ear.
“You have to wear it for ten more minutes.”
Again He pulled the plug out and pushed it back in a couple of times. I enjoyed this feeling. And I was content with only this feeling. Since He told me that I would have to wear the plug for another ten minutes, I ‘knew’ that I would not be brought to orgasm before we went to sleep.

I was wrong. He told me to turn over on my stomach. Soon I found myself thrusting against the plug and it did not take long for my hand to find my clitoris and bring me to an orgasm that left my entire body feeling sensitive. The plug was pushed back in. I had the feeling that it felt a bit less uncomfortable than the night before, but it might be wishful thinking.

On the evening of day 4 of this training, I was on the bed on my side and had just inserted the medium plug in my ass. I stayed on my side, waiting for Him to tell me what to do. The thought that the initial order on the first night of this training was to lie on my stomach after I have inserted the plug, crossed my mind, but still I stayed on my side. Maybe I was trying to see how far He would let me go? Or maybe I was just tired. He stood up and walked to the bedroom door to go to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

“While I’m gone you can play with yourself and make that cunt of yours nice and wet,” He said.
Since I was tired and sometimes when I am tired, I don’t get as wet as I sometimes do, I answered: “If I manage.”
“If I manage to get myself that wet,” I said.
“Then you must try harder,” He answered.
“I hope I succeed.”
“Just do it!” He said and left the room.

I was really being serious. I was tired and I did not know whether I would get myself as wet as I know He likes me to be. I started playing with myself, being very careful not to climax as I had no permission to do so. Several times I stopped because I thought I might climax.
He lay down on the bed next to me when He came back from the bathroom.
“Are you wet?” He asked and before I could answer, He asked another question, “Did you have an orgasm?”
“No, I did not climax as I did not have your permission to do so.”
“Good girl,” He said. I melted and felt His fingers dipping into my wetness.
He allowed me one climax and then ordered me to stand on my hands and knees.

I turned around and felt Him pulling at the plug. At first I was fighting a feeling of self-consciousness but then a feeling of wanting to give myself took over. I pushed back to meet the plug as it slipped back into my ass. I spread my legs a bit, inviting Him to fuck me and hoping He would understand the messages. Still pushing back I heard a movement behind me and shivered as thousands of butterflies danced through my body when He entered me. The feeling of His hard cock in my wet pussy and the thick hard plug in my ass brought me closer to orgasm. Soon both of us were next to each other – the plug still in my ass – breathing loud.

Day 5 and 6 were easy nights of training. I had the medium steel plug in for fifteen to twenty minutes, then we went to sleep. No, this was not because Master T. was starting to go soft or because neither of us was in the mood for the training. It also was not because we were tired, because Master T. believes that being tired is no excuse.

The reason He wanted the training to be easy, was because the first four nights had taken their toll on my ass. I felt a bit sore and He wanted me to rest. I am allowed – no, it is one of His demands – to tell Him if something physically is wrong with me. So the Njoy plug was in my ass since I got home and fifteen to twenty minutes before we went to sleep, the medium steel plug was inserted. With the medium plug in and lying in my side in bed, I could feel my ass being opened a bit more because of the wider base. It felt both good and a bit uncomfortable.

Before we went to bed on the sixth evening, I referred to a conversation that Master T. and I had some weeks ago, before my ass training started. I was afraid that I might start to resent the plug and He said He would think about a different frequency to wear the Njoy plug. When I brought the subject up again, He told me that He has given some thought about it, but that I have to wear the Njoy plug every day. He still wants me to be read for anal sex at all times.

I will obey.

To be continued… Plugging – Day 7

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