Plugging – Day 2

Continued from… Plugging – Day 1

(Day of training: 21.01.2012)

We were home later than normal after an afternoon and an evening out. I had the njoy plug with me, but nowhere during our outing did Master T. order me to put it in. In the car on our way home – I was topless for the better part of 10 kilometers – He told me that I had to insert the plug the moment we got home. I did. It took another couple of hours before we went to bed.

Just as the previous night Master T. pulled the plug out and let it slip back in again. But as I expected, this was not all He had in mind for this evening of training. Soon the plug came out, more lubricant was applied and I felt a fullness. I have already seen my white ass vibrator on the bed. I knew that it was this that He was slowly pushing into my ass. Pulling it out again and slipping it in again. Slowly He worked it deeper into my ass. And as He did, my horniness grew. I was very wet before He even began and by now I was dripping with the hunger for an all-consuming orgasm.

I started to meet the thrusts of the vibrator. I pulled my knees up a bit, spreading myself more for Him and giving myself the room to thrust. My pussy screamed to be touched, but I avoided doing so to prolong the pleasurable feeling the vibrator in my ass was causing in my body. Only when I could hold it no longer I asked for permission to touch my dripping cunt. It was granted. My clitoris was throbbing, needing to be touched. The orgasm ripped through my body. I clenched my buttocks. The vibrator was still inside me and I was fully prepared for it to stay there. I knew that this was what Master T. wanted – for me to be able to handle something in my ass after one of my big O’s. However, the vibrator is smooth and I felt it slipping out. I expected Master T. to push it back in, but He did not.

I felt His hands on my buttocks, but I was still clenching. My legs were locked together at my ankles.
“Spread your legs,” He ordered, but I did not listen.
“Spread your legs,” He said in a strict, urgent voice. I slowly did and felt the lubricant being dripped on my asshole. Something pressed against my hole again. I thought that He was going to push the vibrator back in again and I clenched my legs again. He pulled my buttocks apart and at the same time ordered me again to spread my legs. A combination of the two gave Him just enough room to push the medium plug back into my ass.

I felt full. My sensitive body wanted the plug to be removed, but I wanted to be a good girl and do what my Master expects of me: to get used to have something in my ass after I have had a huge orgasm. He wants me to be ready to be used. I want to always be ready to be used, because I want to obey. Having a huge orgasm should not prevent anyone from entering my ass. I should be able and willing to offer my ass to whomever my Master desires even after I had such an orgasm. I know this and I want this and that is what this training is for.

Soon after I straddled Him. He held the plug in place with His fingers while fucking me. Soon the feeling of wanting the plug removed disappeared and I felt only horniness again. I hope that eventually after a big orgasm this will happen too – that I would feel only horniness and not have the feeling that I do not want to be touched for some time. I was so incredibly sensitive at that moment that I felt the pulsating of His cock against the inside walls of my pussy before the cum spurted into me.

To be continued… Plugging – Day 3 to 6

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