Plugging – Day 1

(Day of training: 20.01.2012)

For some weeks both of us had been extremely tired and not much came of my training. Yes, I was a good girl and wore my buttplug every day when I came home and on the weekends I asked what time I had to put it in. Then came this Friday where I received an unexpected email from my Husband. He told me that when I would come out of the bathroom that evening, I would have to insert my bigger plug. And of course, I had to wear my njoy plug the moment I got home.

I have to take one step back before I continue. The day before this Friday, I did not insert my plug when I got home. I had a very difficult day, not feeling well and just generally in a not so good mood. Why I felt the way I did, I did not know. I just knew that I was not feeling well and I was just not feeling IT. We went to the mall that evening and constantly I thought that I would have to inform Master T. that I was not wearing my plug. I only informed Him quite some time after we got home. He asked me why I was not wearing it and I told Him that I don’t know. That I was feeling down, that I was feeling rebellious, that I was just not feeling it. As I was about to go upstairs to go to bed, He told me that He would not forget this. I knew He would not and I knew there would be consequences… eventually.

Then I received the email at my work. I was surprised. What had made Him change His mind? Was He feeling better? Was His mindset changing? I did not yet feel mine changing, but I knew that He could pull me back over the line into positivity, if only I let Him. That evening I put my plug in the moment I got home. By the time we went to bed, I got the order to put in the bigger (medium) plug and to lie down on bed, on my tummy, naked. I did. He left me alone for about 15 minutes. He sat down on the side of the bed, pulling at the plug. It slipped out and Master T. pushed it back in again.

He spread my legs. He spread my buttocks. I felt like an object, like I was being inspected and I liked it. He pulled the plug out several times and pushed it back in. It felt good and I felt myself going wet. As Master T. pulled the plug out for the last time, I felt strangely empty.

He told me that this was the beginning of my next training, that for the next ten days I would follow the same routine… first the njoy plug and then the bigger one when I got out of the bathroom. And that I would then have to wait on the bed, naked, until He comes upstairs.

I expected that more would happen on some of the nights than only pulling the plug out and pushing it back in. And I knew that there still was a bigger plug… my large steel jewel plug. Would this training be the one in which Master T. would order me to use the large jewel plug?

To be continued… Plugging – Day 2

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