Mindfuck (4/4)

He booked us a night in a hotel – something we have never done before. Since all I have to do is to be there and submit myself to whatever would happen, many thoughts mixed with each other in my head. The mindfuck started. He would make a remark and then just say nothing anymore – not answer any of my questions. This ‘series’ will be about the thoughts in my mind, things I think that might happen. Fantasies, you might call them. Fantasies that might soon be turned into reality… or fantasies to be lived out at another similar occasion.

Note after writing this: Somehow it took only seconds to imagine an entire scene but it proved to be quite hard to describe the images I have in my head.

Continued from Mindfuck (3/4)

Scenario 4

When we walk into the bedroom, there are two women waiting for us. At first I think that they are maids, working in the hotel. They take our bags from us and put it down in the bedroom. When they walk towards me, my mind tells me that they would leave the room. However, the one woman stops in front of me and the other walks pass me towards the table behind me. She pours a glass of wine for each of us. The woman in front of me softly puts her hand against my cheek. I pull back, surprised.

The other woman hands me a glass of wine and took a sip from her own. Not a word is said. I feel uncomfortable but cannot think of anything to say. I have never been able to just make small talk. My Husband does not look as if he is going to say anything either. Halfway through my glass, one of the women takes it from my hand. She puts it on the table behind me. Both women put their glasses down too and each of them takes me by a hand.

The lead me to the bed, tell me to sit and then lie down. I do. Slowly they undress me. My Husband watches. Once I am naked, they lie down next to me. For the next couple of hours I am in heaven. At first I am shy, not wanting to touch the women. They are not shy at all. Each of them takes one side of me. They kiss from my cheeks, to my shoulders. Softly they licked their ways down to my breasts and each of them finds a nipple. My nipples are sucked into their mouths and lightly bitten. Faintly I hear the shutter of a camera and realize that my Husband must be making pictures of what is happening on the bed.

The women really pay a lot of attention to my nipples. My pussy goes wet. My pussy aches to be touched. I want them to make me cum, but they do not touch my folds. Their kisses continue down over my stomach, onto my upper legs and down to my feet. I am not very fond of having my feet touched or kissed, but somehow now I do not mind. Still, I ache for them to touch my cunt. I feel my wetness seeping from me and feel that I might even climax without them touching my pussy.

I feel their kisses moving upwards again. I am disappointed when they pass my pussy again and each of them takes one of my nipples in their mouths again. I sigh as a hand touches my wetness. I try to open my legs wider, but the restraints prevent me from doing so. One of the women positions herself between my legs, while the other pays expert attention to my nipples. She bites my nipples, role them between her lips, flicks them with her tongue.

The other woman kisses my pussy lips and softly licks them. She carefully avoids my inner folds, making me ache even more. I moan, wanting more. Wanting to feel her mouth on my clitoris. As if my moan is a sign, the woman licking my nipples straddles my face. I see her wet pussy right above my face and eagerly open my mouth. I have been dreaming about this for so very long and having it offered to me like this… it feels like heaven.

I touch her pussy with my tongue, tasting her juices. I lift my head as far as my restrained arms would allow me and push my mouth against her pussy, my tongue deep inside her. She smells of woman, of want, of lust, of cunt. I hear her sign and she lowers herself a bit more, allowing me to lay my head back down but still being able to lick her. She supports herself on the headrest of the bed.

The other woman is still between my legs, licking me, sucking me. I copy her movements for a while. She fucks me with her tongue, lapping at my juices. I lift my head again and suck the clitoris above me into my mouth. The woman moans again and I know she enjoys it. I want to suck her until she comes and I wish I could use my hands too. The woman between my legs seems to have read my mind. She pushes two fingers inside my wet pussy and fingers me, while she sucked hard on my clitoris.

A deeper lust awakens in me. I suck harder on the clitoris between my lips and moan hard. I want to cum, but I want to make the woman on top of me cum too. Making her cum is more important than my own climax. I alternate between sucking and fucking her wet cunt with my tongue. I enjoy the taste of her juices. I notice that she gets wetter. Her fluids are not only in my tongue, but also on my cheeks and on my chin. I breathe in deeply to smell her. I concentrate on her clitoris again and enjoy intensely when she shudders with her orgasm.

She kneels next to me, and her fingers replace the fingers of the other women. The other woman spreads my pussy lips wide and softly bites my clitoris. She lets it slip between her teeth and then takes it between her teeth again. My clitoris becomes hypersensitive. The fingers inside me find my G-spot. I moan again. My clitoris is sucked between the lips with force and at the same time my orgasm starts to erupt. My muscles contract around the two fingers of the one woman. My orgasm was almost over when the two fingers were pulled from my pussy and easily slipped into my ass. This, combined with the mouth still sucking hard on my clitoris, awakens my dying orgasm and I climax even harder.

I am exhausted when I lay down against the pillows – my arms and legs still bound – and watch the woman leave the room. My Husband turns around, smiles at me and starts to unbutton his pants…

To be continued… Mindfuck (Epilogue)

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