Mindfuck (3/4)

He booked us a night in a hotel – something we have never done before. Since all I have to do is to be there and submit myself to whatever would happen, many thoughts mixed with each other in my head. The mindfuck started. He would make a remark and then just say nothing anymore – not answer any of my questions. This ‘series’ will be about the thoughts in my mind, things I think that might happen. Fantasies, you might call them. Fantasies that might soon be turned into reality… or fantasies to be lived out at another similar occasion.

Note after writing this: Somehow it took only seconds to imagine an entire scene but it proved to be quite hard to describe the images I have in my head.

Continued from Mindfuck (2/4)

Scenario 3

It is half an hour after we entered the hotel room. According to his instructions I have changed into my stockings and slut heels. I am not allowed to wear anything else. I stand in front of Him and hold my hair up so He can put my collar around my neck. The leather cuffs are put around my wrists and ankles too.

He orders me to lie down on the bed on my back. When I do, I notice the rope and hooks on the headboard of the bed. He has put them in place as I was changing. I also notice the camera on the tripod on the other side of the bed. I lie down on my back. As I expect, he ties my arms sideways. He runs the rope through the steel rings on the leather cuffs and tightly ties the rope to the headboard. My arms are stretched to the limit. He stands on the bed, pushes my legs up and supports my backside against his legs. Leaning forward, he snaps the hooks that are on the headboard on the steel rings on either cuff. My legs are now widely spread, my pussy and ass perfectly accessible for whatever he wants to do with it. I cannot move. Then he does something that I have not anticipated. He blindfolds me. I will now have to concentrate on my senses.

There is a rush of cold air and the sound going with it makes me realize that the door of the hotel room has opened. I have the urge to hide, but cannot move. I remember his words in the car on our way to the hotel: just surrender to everything, just follow my orders. I am with you all the time and I will always keep you safe. I try to relax, but I also listen very closely to hear what is happening. There are sounds of movement around me, but no talking. The sounds do not give away what was about to happen.

I feel movement on the bed. Someone – my Husband? – is getting onto the bed. Hands softly touched my inner thighs. One of the hands moves towards my pussy and softly touched my pussy lips, spreading them lightly. A finger runs between my pussy lips and I gasp. I am wet. I try to pull away, but cannot. I know it is not my Husband touching me. His touch feels different. But I also know that he cannot be the one touching me, as I hear the shutter of the camera working overtime.

Two hands now spread my pussy lips. I feel breathing on my pussy and then warm lips covered it. Fingers enter my wetness. My clitoris is licked. Softly. Expertly. The touch is that of a woman. Who? I have no idea, but I am sure that it’s a woman. I feel my orgasm building and remember to ask for permission to climax. My husband denies it. I have to really do my best not to climax. A finger slips into my ass while she sucks my clitoris. Another finger moves in. I ask for permission again and yet again my Husband denies it. I am relieved when the woman stops shortly after and the feeling to orgasm subsides a bit.

More movement on the bed and soft touches again. Another woman? When I feel the mouth on my pussy, I know that indeed another woman was on the bed. Or is it the same woman? The touch feels different. Less gentle than the first. She slips two fingers into my ass and sucks hard on my clitoris. Her touch is a bit too hard for me to feel my urge to orgasm come back. Not immediately, that is. Soon I am asking for permission again, only to have it denied again. I moan and concentrate not to climax and again I am relieved when the woman stops just in time.

When there is movement on the bed again, I expect the touch of another woman, but am surprised when a cock enters my pussy. I am fucked roughly for quite some time before I hear a sound I cannot place. Later I learn that it is the sound of a condom being pulled from a cock. Something warm lands on my shoulder. Then on my breast and some on my stomach. It feels sticky and I realize that the man has spurted his cum over my body. He gets off the bed and immediately there is movement on the bed again. Another cock enters my pussy and again cum spurts over my body. A third man repeats the actions of the first two.

When the third man gets off the bed and I feel movement on the bed again, I know what to expect. I am wrong. The next cock presses against my asshole and slowly moves inside. I am surprised at how easy he can enter me. I hear the shutter of the camera and know my Husband is enjoying capturing all of the sexy images. This man too snaps off the condom and sprays his fluids over my body, letting it mix with that of the first three men. Another man gets on the bed and easily enters my ass. He too fucks me hard and several times I ask for permission to climax. Not once my Husband allows me to have an orgasm. The fifth man gets off the bed and there is no movement anymore.

I do hear movement around the bed and then the opening and closing of the hotel room door. It is very quiet in the room. I feel my Husband busying Himself with the hooks that held my legs up. He carefully lowers my legs, which feel numb. My arms are untied too. He leaves the blindfold on and softly touches my face. I am horny and his soft touch just helps to make me feel even hornier. I hear his breathing close to my ear.
“Remember,” He whispers, “that you did not believe me when you I told you I have sent out seven invitations?”

To be continued… Mindfuck (4/4)

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