In His Bag

At last the day has arrived… our night together in a hotel. Yesterday He started packing His bag… my eyes grew wider and wider as I saw everything He packed. The picture below shows a compilation of some of the ‘implements’ He is taking with Him…

Shoes ~ Several sets of clamps ~Stockings ~ Blindfold ~ Several vibrators ~ My golden toy ~ Flogger ~ Paddle ~ Anal hook ~ Wheels of pain ~ My collar ~ And even something I could not identify and which was still packed in plastic.

Things not shown here are the sexy clothes I am taking with me, chains with nipple and labia clamps, another collar and leather cuffs and yes… the cane.

I wonder what our day and night in the hotel is going to bring me… will all these implements be used? Will we be alone all the time or will one or two or maybe more people join us. I must say, my nerves are starting to play up…

… and don’t worry. The report(s) will be on my blog in the weeks to cum… uh come 😉

© Rebel’s Notes

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