First time gagged

Not so long ago we went to a sex fair together. Both of us had some things we wanted to buy. I knew my Husband wanted to buy me a gag, so I was not surprised when He did so. That evening (way after midnight) we unpacked our purchases and He made some photos of it. He photographed the gag too, but with it positioned on my leg close to my special tattoo. Just as I thought we were going to put all the stuff away, He told me to stand in front of Him. When I did, He reached for the gag.

Master T. held it in front of my mouth. I opened my mouth and looked into his eyes. I read lust and pride in it. I held my hair up for Him to fasten the gag. I wanted to say something, but of course I could not. I tried to swallow and found that I could. I really had to concentrate hard to do so. It felt as if my face muscles – more specifically my cheek muscles – were cramping up. I tried to relax them, but could not really. My teeth were on the ball of the gag and it felt a bit uncomfortable. I tried to find an easier position for the ball by opening my mouth a bit wider. This caused a tiny gag reflex and I pushed the ball out again with my tongue. The gag reflex disappeared. Thankfully! Master T. made a couple of pics. While I was standing there, feeling the discomfort, I wondered whether it would feel less uncomfortable once I was concentrating on something else.

He stood in front of me after He was done with the camera. His hands were on my cheeks. Again I looked deep into His eyes and saw the lust, the pride, the approval.
“This looks beautiful on you,” He said.
I nodded.
“I love to see you like this,” He smiled and all I could do was to nod again.
Deep down I loved to be like this. I felt small and wanted and sexy and horny.

Master T. told me to lie down on the bed, on my back. I did, but immediately sat up again. Spit ran back towards my throat and I panicked. I could not swallow. And I could not explain why I could not lie down. In a way He must have understood, because He told me to turn on my side. This was better – in a way. I still could not swallow, but now the spit ran from my mouth. Oh how I hated this. I knew this would happen, but this really will take some getting used to for me. He saw the way I looked at the spit I have brushed off my cheek and remarked on it. Telling me that all I have read about it, I would now experience.

His hand disappeared between my legs and found my clitoris. I could moan, but that was it. My moans were a bit muffled by the gag. I did not mind. My moans deepened as His hand worked my button. In the process I rolled over on my back and somewhere between orgasms I realized that I swallowed. Or did all the spit run from my mouth when I was on my side? I did not know, but I noticed that my jaw muscles were more relaxed. Maybe indeed concentrating on something else – or rather, having my attention diverted to something else – helped me to feel more relaxed with the gag on.

I think I wore the gag for about ten minutes, but He was happy. Master T. took it off and told me that this was the first of many. That I will wear the gag again soon…

© Rebel’s Notes

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