Double win!

For some weeks now I have been following a Dutch sex store on twitter. They are in the process of promoting themselves on twitter and obviously looking for more followers. Their marketing strategy is to raffle a sex toy when they reach a certain number of followers. I think I started following them just before they had a 100 followers. Whenever I saw a tweet from them asking for followers and promising a sex toy, I retweeted it. When they reached a 150 followers on 1 February 2012, they informed me that I have won a bondage hook. Oh I bet we are going to have some fun with this! Thank you @Love2Pleasure!

But that is not all that I have won this week. In January I noticed a competition on the site of Erotic Meet:

The Competition
Create your own triptych for the title ‘Twisted Hearts’

What’s a triptych?
A triptych is a series of three pieces of work intended to be
displayed / read together.

I decided to enter a triptych that I have made – three paintings with a BDSM theme.

Yesterday morning just my eye fell on a tweet that @EroticMeet had posted: The WINNER of the Twisted Hearts Triptych has just been announced on the front page!

I could not help myself. I just had to check who won. Seconds later I was staring at my screen with a great big grin on my face. I won! I could not believe it! I won. I can tell you, I almost spontaneously had an orgasm right there! Thank you to all who have voted for my entry!
Soon I will have this lovely vibrator to make my orgasms even more fun!

And, who knows, I might even blog about using these toys 🙂

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