Day 25: How open are you about your kinks?

I am a very open person and would love to be able to be much more open about my kinks than society allows me to.

I have been brought up in a very conservative way, where sex was definitely not to be discussed. In my adult life I make my own choices and sex sometimes is the subject of a conversation. However, I must say that it depends who I have a conversation with. As mentioned in some other posts in this series, I sometimes talk about sex to family members or acquaintances. Vanilla sex. Oh yes, I sometimes joke around about kinky sex, but no one ever believes me. The people I joke with will never be able to understand the way I live, or rather, I think they will not understand. They’re just too conservative in their doing and thinking.

Towards my best friend I can be very open about all my kinks. I can tell her everything, even the minute details. She does not have a kinky sex life, but she love hearing about mine. She loves reading my blog and she does not mind me writing fantasies about her or lusting after her body! I hope the day will come when she won’t only be listening to my kinky stories, but that she will be participating in my kinky experiences.

I do wish that there are more people in my daily contact that I could talk to, but unfortunately most people are quicker to judge you than to respect the way you live your life.

I have found likeminded people online whom I can talk to and I love to talk about my kinks almost just as much as I love being kinky.

(written on 28.08.2011)

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