Continuing… A.S.S. (4)

Continued from… Continuing… A.S.S. (3)

Everything came to a halt. At the end of the year and at the start of the New Year both my Husband and I were so enormously tired that all we wanted to do was sleep. Stress at both our works was starting to take its toll. And as we are a real couple in a real world with real jobs and real stuff going on, we too have to get our energy back for the fun things. We have to rest and tank up again. Listening to our bodies telling us to rest, to get our energy back.

But not everything came to a complete halt. My anal training and having my ass ready for whenever he wants to use it or wants to have it used by someone else still continues. Every afternoon when I come home from work I go upstairs and insert my plug. I wear this until I go to bed – whether I am home or not. At the breakfast table on the weekend days I ask him what time I should insert the plug. Sometimes I have to do it halfway through the afternoon and sometimes early evening. But every day I have to wear my plug for a couple of hours.

Wearing my plug every day made me wonder whether this might not be damaging to my body. I have no signs at all that it is and I really have no discomfort at all with this plug, but still I entered a search string in Google. And I found this post about extended plug wear on a submissive’s blog.I know this is the experience of only one person, but since I am not really worried about wearing the plug every day, I stopped searching for anything else.

My training has stopped. For now. I have been promised that it will continue. When? I don’t know. I have to be patient and that is not one of my virtues. I miss it, but I also know that at this moment – with all the stress – I won’t be able to handle it. He knows it too and He is protecting me from myself.

But every day He still reminds me that I am His. Pinching my nipples at unexpected moments and ordering me to stand on my toes or slapping my ass when I least expect it. Every night I drift off in His arms while He holds me tight. And when I turn away from him to sleep he nestles behind me and cups my breast. He pinches my nipple a couple of times. Then the other. Hurting me enough to flinch, but not enough to cry out. By the time it stops – it lasts for a minute or two – I am panting, but content.

On New Year’s Day something very special happened. I was in bed; he was still getting ready for bed. I have difficulty expressing my thoughts, especially when it’s something I want, but that night I just blabbed it out: I have this immense desire to be on my knees. Immediately he told me to get on my knees, next to the bed. He stood in front of me while I kneeled, my head bowed. He mentioned that he wanted to put my collar on but that He knew I was tired. Then he started walking towards the toy chest, stopped and continued again. Minutes later my collar was around my neck. He went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and told me to wait. I sat there, head bowed, my collar around my neck and my hands folded on my legs. I felt happy. I felt that I belong there.

I know that soon my training will continue. I look forward to wearing my collar, to kneel, to feel my submission, to submit. I know… soon.

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