The bike trip (2/2)

Continued from… The bike trip (1/2)

Rebel stopped looking around, afraid her friends might notice something. She did not eat much. Her friends questioned her about it and she feigned a tummy ache. After lunch the waitress asked them whether anyone wanted something to drink. Rebel waited until all her friends had ordered something and then she told the waitress she did not want anything. She excused herself from the table and before any of her friends could tag along, she was gone. She found the bathrooms and just as he had said in his text message, there was an emergency exit at the end of the corridor.

Slowly she opened the door. A couple of meters from the door she saw her husband standing between the trees. He waited for her to walk towards him.
“Take your pants off,” he said. She looked over her shoulder to the door where she just came from. Her hesitation was not appreciated.
“I told you to take your pants off,” her husband repeated. She did. He held his hand out for her pants and she gave it to him.
“Now take your panties off.”
This time she did not hesitate. Neither did she dare to look around whether anyone could see her. She knew that if anyone happened to look in this direction, they would definitely be able to follow all that was happening. Again her husband held his hand out. Unlike her pants, her panties disappeared in the pocket of his pants.

Only when he unhooked it from a branch in one of the trees close by did Rebel notice the bag. His hand disappeared and what he had in his hand when it re-appeared made Rebel’s jaw drop.
“Put it on,” he ordered.
She took it from him and examined it. What she held in her hand was a pair of black leather panties. On the inside of it was a dildo. It was the size of a normal vibrator. Rebel wondered whether it would fit. She hoped it would not. Pulling on the leather she realized it was very flexible and it would definitely fit. She looked at her husband.
“Put it on,” he repeated.

Carefully she did. With the panties around her upper thighs, she felt the dildo pushing against her wet pussy. Rebel positioned the tip of the dildo against her opening. She wanted to pull the panties up, but in the meantime her husband was standing behind her. In one smooth movement he pulled the panties up and shoved the dildo deep into her wetness. His one hand moved to her pussy; the other moved to her ass. He pushed against both the dildo and the ass plug, filling her up, pushing the toys against each other.

Slowly he turned her around in his arms. He kissed her. Long and hard, fondling her breast, pinching her hard nipple.
“Enjoy the rest of your trip, my love. I will see you at home,” he said as he handed her pants to her. Immediately he turned around and walked away. Rebel struggled to get her pants on, but once she did, she walked in the direction where he disappeared around the corner. He was gone. There was not a trace of him. She rounded another corner and there were her friends, looking relieved to see her. She told them that she needed fresh air and apologized for not letting them know that she would go outside.

They walked back to their bicycles and with every step Rebel was aware of the dildo in her pussy and the butt plug in her ass. The two hour trip back home was sweet torture. Rebel constantly felt as if she was being fucked. The dildo seemed to move in and out. The movements of her legs caused this sensation. Several times she felt very close to an orgasm. The combination of the dildo moving and the plug being held deep inside her was overwhelming. Rebel saw to it that she was the last cyclist. Now and then she stood on the pedals, allowing the dildo to move and then sitting down to push it in again. She flexed her hips, moving the toys around inside her. She could hear the wetness between her legs as the dildo moved around. Once or twice she touched her nipples, suppressing the craving feeling to bare her tits for all to see.

By the time she got home, she felt some wetness on her inner thighs. She was wetter than wet. Her husband stood in the kitchen door, watching her while she put her bicycle in the storage. The moment she walked towards the back door, he stepped aside so she could enter. She felt his hand in her hair as he pulled her back towards him, then pushed her against the kitchen counter. With one hand he pulled the leather pants down. The dildo was pulled from her pussy and made a wet plopping sound. Harshly he pushed her over the kitchen counter, his fingers still entangled in her hair. He lifted her leg with his other hand and roughly his penis filled the void the dildo left.

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