The bike trip (1/2)

With a couple of friends she had been planning a bicycle trip through the countryside for weeks now. Their trip would last all day. The plan was to cycle the bigger part of their route in the morning. They have planned to have lunch at a restaurant in the woods and then after lunch they would have to cycle for another hour or two before they would be home.

The weather outside was wonderful when she woke up that morning. Rebel got dressed in soft pants and a sleeveless low cut top. Her soft sneakers completed the picture. She put her hair up in a ponytail and put a cap on her hair. She was just about ready to put her make-up on when her husband entered the bedroom.
“Are you looking forward to your bike trip?” he asked with a smile.
“Oh yes, I definitely am. It’s going to be so much fun,” she said enthusiastically.
“It will be even more fun when you wear your butt plug all day,” he said.
She swung around to look at him and Rebel started to protest.
“Have I asked your opinion about this?” he asked. The tone in his voice immediately stopped her protests. Rebel shook her head.

By now he was sitting in the armchair in their bedroom, watching her. Rebel turned back to the mirror and continued applying her makeup. When she was done, she busied herself with putting her makeup away and stuffing things in the carry bag that she was going to take with her for the trip. Her husband watched every move she made. Rebel hoped that he would change his mind about the butt plug, but when she looked at him she knew that he was not going to budge. With one head movement he motioned to the drawer where she stored her butt plug. Rebel took the plug out, lubricated her ass and the plug and slowly inserted it while her husband watched her. Her pussy twitched and she could feel herself go wet. This was going to be a long day.

The moment Rebel got on the bicycle to start their trip she knew the day would feel much longer than she had already anticipated. The moment she sat on the saddle of the bicycle she felt the plug move inside her. With each forward movement of the pedal, she felt the plug. Her panties were already soaked and she was grateful that she had thought about putting spare panties in her bag. Each time they stopped she shivered with excitement when she got off the bike. The feeling intensified when she got back on the bike to continue the trip. It seemed as if fluids constantly ran from her pussy and when she looked down, she noticed that her nipples were very hard.

She was happy when at last they got to the restaurant. Maybe sitting for a while would calm her horniness, she thought. How wrong she was! Just after they have sat down and ordered their drinks, she took her mobile phone out of the bag she had with her. The blinking light on the phone immediately told her that she a text message was waiting to be read. She switched the phone on, located the message and gasped when she read it. Her friends looked at her and she shook her head, indicating that nothing was wrong. Rebel took a deep breath and re-read the message from her husband:

You will have your lunch. While the rest have something to drink afterwards, you excuse yourself from the table, saying you need to use the bathroom. Make sure you go to the bathroom alone. Walk towards the bathroom, but do not enter it. Just follow the corridor. It will bring you to an emergency exit. Go through the door. I will be waiting.

All through the lunch she thought about the text message and the order in it. Can she pretend that she had not seen it, that she never checked her phone? The more she thought about it, the more she thought it would be a good idea. A couple of times she looked at her phone, doubting her decision. Rebel almost jumped up when the familiar jingle of an incoming message sounded from her phone.

I see your doubt. You will obey me. You will follow my orders.

He sees her? Where is he? She looked around in the restaurant but could not see her husband anywhere. From where was he watching her? Her phone jingled again.

I am out of sight, but I can see you.

To be continued… The bike trip (2/2)

© Rebel’s Notes

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