Mindfuck (2/4)

He booked us a night in a hotel – something we have never done before. Since all I have to do is to be there and submit myself to whatever would happen, many thoughts mixed with each other in my head. The mindfuck started. He would make a remark and then just say nothing anymore – not answer any of my questions. This ‘series’ will be about the thoughts in my mind, things I think that might happen. Fantasies, you might call them. Fantasies that might soon be turned into reality… or fantasies to be lived out at another similar occasion.

Note after writing this: Somehow it took only seconds to imagine an entire scene but it proved to be quite hard to describe the images I have in my head.

Continued from Mindfuck (1/4)

Scenario 2

We put our bags down in the corner of the bedroom area of the hotel room. He walks towards the lounge area with one bag in his hand. I quickly took off my clothes and put on my garter belt, stockings, my quarter cup bra and matching thong. My slutty heels complete the picture. Turning around, he beckons me with his finger to stand in front of him. He puts leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists. I turn around and he puts my collar on my neck.

He starts unpacking the bag he has with him and I turn towards to bedroom to unpack some of the other bags. I have one dress with me for dinner that evening and other than that, my bag contains only sexy clothes and toys. I walk into the bathroom to put our toothbrushes and toothpaste on the washing stand. I look around to see that there are towels and washcloths, soap and even shampoo and conditioner. I am looking at the brand of the shampoo and conditioner when I hear voices.

As if I am afraid of being discovered, I very softly walk towards the door opening of the bathroom, trying to hear what is being said. I can hear my husband’s voice, but do not recognize the other voice immediately. It sounds familiar though. I know that I should know whose voice it is. It took several seconds before my brain has processed the information. No! He did not! He did! Oh my god. He invited the man we met several months ago. The man I had sex with years ago. Oh my god. No! Yes! Oh no! I will never be able…

Before my thoughts can continue, my Husband calls me. Shyly I walk from the bathroom. I do not look at my Husband, but I do look at our friend and uneasily smiled at him. He does not smile back. His eyes follow the lines of my body, but I cannot see whether he approves or not. My smile disappears as I see his strict face. I almost make the mistake of looking at my Husband. About a meter from the two men I stop. My Husband grabs my nipples and pulls me closer. He scolds me for looking at the other man. I am not allowed to look any man in the eyes unless specifically being given permission, he tells me.

I am told to lie down on the dining room table and make myself cum. The men take place on the chairs, positioning it in such a way that they have a clear view on my pussy. I feel so self-conscious knowing they are watching me. I touch my pussy and feel that I am soaking wet. Still, when I start playing with myself, I feel as if I will never reach an orgasm. I close my eyes and concentrate. It takes long – longer than usual – for me to reach my first climax. The second one arrives a bit sooner than the first. Some more followed. I feel a bit more relaxed and used to the situation after some orgasms, but still very self-conscious and doubting whether I would be able to live up to any other expectations.

I doubt myself even more when I felt a hand on my pussy and open my eyes. Our friend is standing at the bottom end of the table, looking down at me. I keep my eyes fixed on a spot on his chest. It was bare. Somewhere during the moments that I was bringing myself to orgasm, he has taken off his clothes. Yes, he was naked. Out of the corner of my eye I see my Husband with the camera. The friend pulls me closer and enters me. He fucks me hard, his hand on my clitoris. I let it happen, feeling awkward, not knowing how to act. Am I allowed to moan? Am I allowed to enjoy? I don’t want to enjoy unless I know my Husband is enjoying it too.

I open my eyes and look in the direction where he is standing with the camera. In my peripheral vision I see his face. Not looking at him, yet looking at him. He seems to be satisfied – horny even. I allow myself to enjoy being fucked by another man while my Husband is not only watching, but also making pictures.

The scene moves on to the bed. My Husband moves the camera with us. The other man lies down on the bed. I get onto the bed on my knees, next to him as ordered. I take his hard cock in my mouth. He has still not cum. I taste myself on his cock. I suck him. Take him deep into my mouth. Using my hand and my mouth to make him even harder than he already was. All the time I hear the shutter. My Husband tells me how to turn my face, tells me to take the cock deeper into my mouth. I am asked to lie down on my back, my head on the side of the bed, bent backwards. Our friend bends his knees and pushes his cock into my throat. I gag but try my best to keep his cock in my mouth. The shutter of the camera sounds like a machine gun. To me this is a sign that my Husband loves what he sees and it makes me feel hornier.

Then both men are naked. I still feel very self-conscious, but it seems as if my horniness is predominating the self-conscious feeling. I straddle my husband and feel our friend on the bed behind me. I know what is going to happen. I have been trained for this for weeks, maybe even months. I feel the cold lube on my ass and then I feel him pressing against my other opening. My Husband holds still while the other man slowly enters my ass. For the first time in my life I am doubly penetrated…

To be continued… Mindfuck (3/4)

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