Mindfuck (1/4)

He booked us a night in a hotel – something we have never done before. Since all I have to do is to be there and submit myself to whatever would happen, many thoughts mixed with each other in my head. The mindfuck started. He would make a remark and then just say nothing anymore – not answer any of my questions. This ‘series’ will be about the thoughts in my mind, things I think that might happen. Fantasies, you might call them. Fantasies that might soon be turned into reality… or fantasies to be lived out at another similar occasion.

Note after writing this: Somehow it took only seconds to imagine an entire scene but it proved to be quite hard to describe the images I have in my head.

Scenario 1

We enter the huge hotel room on the top floor of the hotel. On the other side of the glass sliding door are a garden, table and chairs. This room is very private, separate from the other rooms in the hotel. We have a view of the river and the ships on it. He orders me to change. I have brought quite a lot of sexy clothing with me. However, I also know exactly what I have to wear first. I go to the bathroom, taking my bags with me. When I walk out of the bathroom I am wearing stockings, my sexy high-heeled pumps and nothing else. I stand in front of him, turn around and hold my hair up so he can put the collar around my neck. As from that moment I am not allowed to look at him and I have to do whatever he expects of me.

While I was in the bathroom, he has put up the tripod and camera. The lens of the camera is pointed towards the table in the dining room area. It is clear that the table would be the first place where I will be used and photographed. The table is clear. He tells me to get on the table, on my knees. I have to spread my legs and lower my upper body onto the table. My ass is high in the air and accessible. I hear the shutter of the camera. I hear him moving about, taking the tripod with him.

I feel him behind me. I feel his fingers spreading my pussy – my wet pussy. Then I hear the shutter of the camera again. In the distance. I soon realize that he must have a remote control for the camera. The sound of the shutter of the camera comes and goes as he changes the ‘picture’ – his finger inside my pussy; him pulling my piercings, his hand cupping my pussy. He asks me to touch my pussy and tells me how to pose for the camera – my finger inside my pussy; more fingers in my pussy; my finger on my clitoris, pulling my piercings with both hands. I have to turn over on my back and spread my legs, resting them on chairs on either side of the table. More pictures follow. Not only of my pussy, but also of my breasts.

Next he sends me to the kitchen. More pictures follow. Then he makes pictures of me in different spots in the lounge area. My pussy, my breasts, my ass – all of me is photographed from many different sides and in the different poses he wants me to be in. I also have to stand at the windows and I am afraid that people from the other buildings might see me. He is gentle when he sends me out on the roof terrace. I am allowed to put on a short kimono-like dressing gown. Outside on the terrace though, I have to open it so he can see my lingerie. He makes photos of me with the river in the background. I have to turn around, lean on the railing and pull the gown up so he could see my ass.

He allows me to set the pace. As I feel more comfortable, I bare my shoulders, allowing him to make more photos of me, with the nice scenery behind me. The gown comes off and I am outside, half naked. I take on different poses – facing him, my back towards him, standing, leaning against the railing, crouching and even lying down on the cold tiles of the terrace. It’s cold outside and when I feel too cold to continue, we go back inside.

Hours have passed. He takes my collar off and tells me to put my dress on. I am not allowed to put on panties or a bra and I have to keep on the slutty shoes l am wearing. The dress was pre-chosen by him. It is a halter dress and has a deep cut front. I have to keep my upright posture all the time to keep it from revealing my breasts. We go downstairs for dinner and some drinks. I notice people looking at me, but try not to acknowledge their glances.

I feel comfortable when we are back in our room. Immediately he puts my collar around my neck again. We order a bottle of wine from room service. The two glasses of wine that I had with dinner have relaxed me a lot. It’s dark outside, but still he wants to make some more photos outside, with the lights of the city behind me. I am still wearing my sexy dress, but reveal more than I did at dinner. After half an hour I am shivering. He allows me to go inside.

More photos follow inside, of which a lot is done while I am on the bed. On my back, on my knees, on my stomach. He commands me to finger myself, but denies me any orgasms. I am used to him denying me two or three times and then allowing it. Now he denies all my pleas for an orgasm, probably knowing that I would not keep it up for long. I do not. I climax, even though it was denied. This is what he was waiting for. I am ordered to go to the dining room table. He pushes my upper body forward onto the table. A flogging follows. During the evening several more does, because he thinks I need them. I need to know my place, He says several times.

Sore, with tears in my eyes, he allows me to go to bed. The last photos were done – that of my red and swollen ass. He takes me in his arms, comforts me. He tells me he loves me, over and over again. Soon his hand finds my clitoris and orgasms are allowed freely. After several orgasms, he tells me to turn on my knees. Without warning he enters my ass…

To be continued… Mindfuck (2/4)

© Rebel’s Notes

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