Happy New Year 2012

Quoted from Wikipedia: An oliebol (plural oliebollen) is a traditional Dutch food. Oliebollen (literally oil balls) are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve and at funfairs. They are also called smoutebollen (literally lard balls) in Belgium.

Oliebollen are a variety of dumpling made by using two spoons to scoop a certain amount of dough and dropping the dough into a deep fryer filled with hot oil. In this way, a sphere-shaped oliebol emerges.

The dough is made from flour, eggs, yeast, some salt, milk, baking powder and usually sultanas, currants, raisins and sometimes zest or succade. Oliebollen are usually served with powdered sugar. (Click here for more)

Since it is a tradition, we bought some oliebollen and powdered sugar too…
… and had some fun with it!!!

I wish all of you a
wonderfully happy, healthy,
sexy and filthy

© Rebel’s Notes

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