Day 24: What qualities do you look for in a partner?

I can answer this with one sentence: the qualities I look for in a partner are exactly those qualities my Husband has.

But then again, that one sentence is not really an answer, because then you still don’t know what qualities I am looking for in a partner. I did not know either, until I met my Husband. He is a caring, loving man. Witty. Rational. Honest. Kinky. He holds me when I cry. He laughs with me. He teases me, make fun of me. He loves me, adores me just the way I am.

He is my soul mate, the one who understands me completely – sometimes even better than I understand myself. I am the emotional one in our relationship, but he keeps me balanced. He is the one who helps to keep me sane, who points out the obvious when I don’t see it anymore. When my perfectionistic nature bugs me again, He helps me to be less perfect, to accept imperfect things and be happy with it.

And He is my Master, my Sir, my Dom… the love of my life!

(written on 28.08.2011)

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