Dance of lust

He caught her eyes on him. She turned her head away. She looked back at him and he turned his head away. Their eyes invited each other to make a first move.

As the music started she saw him walking towards her. Her body reacted. She felt warm, nervous. She realized that her nipples got harder the closer he got to her. A blush covered her cheeks. His eyes were fixed on her face and she found herself unable to look away. He stopped right in front of her and held his hand out. In a daze she got up. She felt the wetness between her legs. A shiver of horniness ran down her spine. She put her hand in his. Tightly he held her hand as he turned around and walked towards the clearing in the middle of the hall they were in. He turned around and pulled her into his arms.

Their feet moved to the gentle beat of the music. She looked up at him. Studied his face. Tried to read the message in his eyes. He stared down at her. Wondered what she thought. Wanting more from her. Their bodies did not touch, but they could feel the heat radiation from each other’s body. They were oblivious to the other people around them. Their world consisted only of the two of them. And the music. The sensual music that made their feet move across the edges of the clearing. Staying close to the tables and chairs on the edges; close to the black curtain in the back of the hall.

The music changed. They did not notice. He led her across the floor step by step, beat by beat. Closer to the edge, closer to the opening in the curtains. He lowered his head. Her lips parted and invited him to kiss her. Her eyes closed. They kissed. They moved. Their breathing was loud.

The music changed. She did not notice. He was standing close to her, pressing his body against hers. The cold wall against her back went unnoticed. His kisses were urgent. Her breathing intensified. His hands touched her body. Her wetness was found. Her legs were over his arms as he entered her. He pushed to the beat of the music. Fucking her in the rhythm the sounds evoked in their bodies. Her moans mixed with the sounds of the music.

His face was in her neck. His grunts could barely be heard. One last thrust ended their dance of lust. The music stopped. Only their breathing filled the space around them.

She caught his eyes on her. He did not look away. Neither did she. He held his hand out towards her. She put her hand in his, smiling. Together they left the party, strangers to each other, yet singing the same song.

PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #dance.

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