Continuing… A.S.S. (3)

Continued from… Continuing… A.S.S. (2)

We had plans to make photos for my New Year’s post and He told me that there would be no training. He had quite some ideas for photos and apparently it would take some time before we would be done. He could see that I was tired and wanted me to rest, since we would only go to bed in the early hours of the morning on New Year’s Day.

We had fun with the photo shoot. It felt so strange to be covered with powdered sugar. I made a remark that it was going to be quite something to get it all off me again.
“I will lick your pussy clean,” He said with a smile.

It took more than an hour for him to make the photos. He put the camera and the tripod away and then lay down between my legs. Softly he started to lick the powdered sugar from my body. As soon as my pussy was clean, he brushed some of the sugar from my tummy towards my pussy and started licking again. The same happened with the sugar on my legs. After the third time of cleaning my pussy with his tongue, he zoomed in on my clitoris. I climaxed very quickly.

“There’s more sugar over here,” He said as He pushed my legs up.
The soft touch of His tongue between my buttocks made me shiver. He took his time to remove all sugar with His tongue, keeping me on the brink of an orgasm. When He was satisfied that all sugar was removed, He easily slipped a finger into my ass.
“The training is working. It’s so easy to enter your behind,” He complimented me. I only moaned, enjoying the intrusion of His finger.
“A second finger easily fits in with the first,” He said as I felt another finger slip into me.

His tongue found my clitoris again. The moment he stopped, my hand was on my clitoris. I felt my orgasm building and asked for permission to climax. He granted me permission, but the feeling subsided. This was so frustrating. I tried and tried, but the climax did not want to build again. On my request he added a third finger with the other two. Instantly my orgasm started building again. I felt so full. It did not take long for my orgasm to take hold of my body.

I was still riding the waves of my orgasm when I felt him pulling His fingers from my ass. No, not all of them. One of his fingers stayed where it was. I tried to get away from it.
“Stay still,” He demanded. I tried.
He slowly moved his finger inside me. I moaned. I so wanted him to pull His finger out of me. This felt like torture, even though I know it was not.

“You have to get used to this,” He said and I knew He was correct. What if it happens that more than one man wants to fuck me in the ass and I have already had a huge orgasm? I can hardly deny them, especially not if it’s Master T.’s orders for me to let them fuck me. Somehow I thought it might be easier to handle a cock moving in and out of my ass after such an orgasm, then his finger. I just don’t know. I did not even know where that thought came from. And at the same time I wondered if it would ever be able for me to have two of those all-consuming orgasms in one session. I don’t know. On the one hand I hope that I might one day experience it, on the other hand I prefer not to be touched after such an orgasm. And then, as my thoughts revolved around what I want and what I don’t want, there was one thing that I knew and also knew I accepted: He decides.

He must have had his finger inside me for about 10 minutes before he pulled out. It was intense, but to the end it started to feel better. Maybe if he kept his finger in there longer, I might have wanted him to finger-fuck me again.
“I think you should wear your butt plug again after a huge orgasm.”
I looked at Him in surprise.
“Not now, but the next time. That will make you get used to having something in your ass after you climaxed,” He said.

“Fuck me bitch,” He said when I straddled Him, and I did… wondering how it would feel when he fucks me with a plug in my ass after I have had an anally induced orgasm.

To be continued… Continuing… A.S.S. (4)

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