Continuing… A.S.S. (2)

Continued from… Continuing… A.S.S. (1)

“Stand in the corner,” He said after I have put on my high-heeled sandals. My collar was around my neck. My bigger steel plug was in my ass.

I stood in the corner of the room. I remember that I have seen nothing else on the bed, so wondered what was going to happen. Was He going to tie me up? Was He going to use the flogger? Would He take into account that I was very tired? More thoughts went through my mind, but I pushed them away and told myself that I am His to do with whatever He wants.

I saw His shadow on the wall in front of me. Something else in the shadow caught my attention – the flogger. He softly ran His hand over my buttocks, as if preparing them for the pain that would come. Then He pulled my arms back. It was not the flogger that I saw in the shadow, but a piece of rope. He tied my wrists behind my back, looped the rope tightly around my stomach, back around my wrists and back to the front. He pulled the rope down between my legs and up the back. This caused my pussy to be all puffy and pushed the plug tightly into my ass. The rope looped around my wrists again and then back to the front, where He tied it. I could not move my arms and I did not want to move my legs as the plug then moved deep inside me.

“Turn around,” He said.
He put His hand under my chin, lifting my face towards His.
“I am not allowed to look at you,” I said, my eyes facing down.
“I know,” He said and I thought I heard both a smile and satisfaction in His voice.
He pulled my nipples, pulled them up in the same way as when I have to stand on my toes.
“I am already on my toes in these sandals,” I said.
“I know. Very good.”
He did not let go of my nipples.
“Walk with me,” He said, pulling my nipples and guiding the way. I had to sit down on the bed. He let go of my nipples, pinching really hard just before He did. The plug moved inside me as I sat down, sending different sensations through my loins.

“Come to me,” He said fifteen minutes later. I was still sitting on the same spot as where He had left me.
I stood up and walked towards Him. My head was bowed as I stood in front of Him. He softly touched my breasts and unexpectedly pinched my nipples again. The plug got some attention too. He pushed against it a couple of times, making me squirm.

I was surprised when He untied the rope and told me to lie down. I was even more surprised when He took my sandals off. I remembered how satisfied He was the night before when I presented myself to Him, so I spread my legs again. He granted me one orgasm and then ordered me to get on my knees. I did.

What followed almost made me faint with mixed feelings. I wanted to pull away from it just as much as I wanted to push closer to Him. He slow fucked me with the big plug. Pulling the widest part of it just past my sphincter and then pushing it back in. At times I thought I would not be able to handle the sensations anymore. It was nice but very intense. It felt as if I might orgasm without any other stimulation than that of the plug. My hand found my clitoris and I climaxed. It was not a huge all-consuming orgasm, but it was nice.

He removed the plug, lay down and pulled me into His arms.
“It’s beautiful to see your progress,” He said. “I am so proud of you.”
I did not speak. I did not know what to say.
“Seeing the way in which you submit yourself, in which you just let things happen. That’s precious.”
He pulled me closer. We kissed.
“I am proud of you.”

These were the words I had in my mind when I fell asleep. All day long, after the night before, I was thinking about my submission and hoping I could live up to his expectations. Hearing these words, I know I should just let go, just let Him take the lead, follow Him, submit to Him. I trust Him with my life. I trust Him with my submission. I trust Him. I love Him.

He is proud of me.

To be continued… Continuing… A.S.S. (3)

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