Continuing… A.S.S. (1)

Due to circumstances – exhaustion and the holidays – my A.S.S. training was interrupted. However, we were both better, the holidays were over and it was time to get back to the training again. That is what Master T. decided.

Home from work I inserted my njoy buttplug and made a mental note that I had to change for the bigger plug at 10pm. I forgot. Two minutes after 10pm Master T. told me what time it was. I dropped everything I was doing and went upstairs. Five minutes later I was downstairs again. An hour and a half later – by then my buttocks were hurting from the solid round base of the plug – we went upstairs. I had to keep the plug in. I also knew that the plug would stay in no matter what. Not even one of my big orgasms would be a reason to remove the plug as Master T. wants me to get used to being anally used even after I had an orgasm.

He put my dressing table stool – a square padded pouf, similar to the one in the picture – in the middle of the floor and told me to kneel in front of it. I had to lean on it with my upper body. I was on my knees and had to spread my legs. He tied my wrists together, ran the rope over my back to the other side, ran it under to stubs under the pouf and then tied it to my legs. It took only minutes for me to feel that there was a lot of pressure on my lower stomach. I did not say anything, because I did not want to moan. But minutes later nausea struck. I breathed in deep, waiting for it to settle, but it got worse. A couple of minutes later, I knew I had to tell Master T.

I was both disappointed and relieved when He immediately untied me. Unfortunately, the nausea did not stop as quickly as it started. Master T. tightened the rope around my wrists, ran the rope around my back and then tied it above and below my breasts. He pulled my nipples, twitching them hard between His thumb and forefinger. I pulled away, but only managed to hurt myself more because He held onto my nipples.
“On your toes,” He commanded and I obeyed.
Several times He pulled my nipples and told me to stand on my toes. I concentrated very hard to keep my balance and to stay on my toes as long as possible. When He was satisfied, He told me to sit down and wait.

“May I say something first?” I asked. He nodded.
“Please will you not use the flogger on me every night?”
The moment I said it, I know it sounded wrong. Still I felt I had to say it. I don’t want the flogger to become a standard part of every night. But at the same time I knew that He is the one who decides and I know He has my best interest at heat. And that He also wants me to be obedient – to totally submit myself to His will.
He left the room.

He left me alone for about fifteen minutes. The nausea was almost gone when He came back. I was happy that I felt better, as He shoved His hard cock in my mouth the moment He stood in front of me. I sucked Him, trying to take Him in deeper, but afraid the nausea might get worse again.
“At least you still know how to do this,” He said.
“Stand up,” He ordered.
I stood in front of Him and again He pulled my nipples. I balanced on my toes. He let go, put His hand under my chin and forced me to look Him in the eye.
“I will not use the flogger unnecessarily,” He said, “but it will be used more while I am training you. Do you agree that when you complain about the flogger again, you will count down from 100?”
My eyes grew wide with shock. I only nodded.

He untied me and told me to lie down on the bed. I did and immediately spread my legs wide.
“Are you presenting yourself to me?” He asked and I nodded with a smile. Several orgasms followed. He positioned Himself between my legs and pulled on the plug. Very slowly He started fucking me with the plug, pulling it almost all the way out and then pushing it back in. The widest part of the plug also moved in and out of me. With his finger on my clitoris, my orgasm started to build. I was allowed to take over and soon a huge orgasm raged through my body. In one smooth movement He pushed the plug back in my ass.
“It stays in,” He said as He lay down next to me. My eyes were closed and I was concentrating very hard not to pull the plug out of me.
“Open your legs,” He said. Knowing He would touch my very sensitive clitoris was even more to bear than trying to allow the plug in my ass after my huge orgasm.
I instinctively closed my legs when He touched me.
“Open your legs,” He said again. One more orgasm followed, after quite some time. His orgasm followed with me on top of Him and His hand on the plug, holding it firmly in place.

To be continued… Continuing… A.S.S. (2)

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