After hours

They have been colleagues for quite some time, working in different departments in the huge office building. She frequently visited his department to bring documents around and get new applications that she had to process. He only occasionally visited her department; her office. Whenever they saw each other, he flirted with her. And she flirted back. It was all innocent fun, until the one day when the two of them happened to step into the same elevator.

She was wearing her uniform – dark brown skirt, crème colored blouse, pantyhose and pumps. The soft music in the elevator played the song “I crave for you“. They smiled at each other as the elevator doors closed. He took a step closer to her, to where she was standing in the corner. She still smiled. After only a moment of hesitation he pressed his body against hers, keeping her captive between his body and the walls of the elevator. His hand was on her breast, his lips on hers. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her body. The passionate kiss was interrupted by the elevator making its familiar bump just before it stopped on one of the many floors of the building.

After working hours she went to the gym in the basement of the building for a workout. About two hours later she took the elevator back to the floor that she worked on. Halfway there the elevator stopped and he stepped in. They both felt the electricity between them. Together they walked to her office. She unlocked the door and they both entered. The door was locked again. He trapped her again – this time between her desk and his body. His one hand was on her breast again, squeezing, fondling. His other hand grabbed her ass, clawing at her skirt to pull it up. With urgent movements she started to unbutton her blouse.


Suddenly they were both clawing at clothes – their own and each other’s. Both naked, he pushed her backwards onto the papers on her desk. He grabbed her ankles and pushed her feet towards her buttocks. He buried his face in her sex… licking… biting… sucking… sticking his tongue as far inside her as he could. The low growling sound he made unleashed a passion in her she had not felt for quite some time. She spread her legs even more, inviting him in, offering him everything. Drawing an orgasm from her with his mouth, he emerged from between her legs. He pulled her up towards him and kissed her. She tasted her own juices on his lips.

He helped her off the desk. She dropped to her knees, taking him deep into her mouth. Grabbing his buttocks, she pulled him towards her, allowing him to fuck her mouth. Disappointment followed when he pulled out of her mouth. He pushed against her shoulders and she fell backwards on the floor in front of her desk. In no time he was between her legs and entered her smoothly. The coarse carpet under her was not very comfortable, but she hardly noticed. She wrapped her legs around his waist and was lost in his movements inside her.

There was no kindness in their movements. There was no loving, no sweetness. Only raw, unbridled passion. Her hands were clawing at his back. His hips banged hard against hers, moving her body across the floor bit by bit. She grabbed her legs, spreading herself wide, wanting more and more of him inside her. Her eyes were closed. She was only aware of the burning inside her, the insatiable hunger. Her entire being was centered around the cock invading her. Their mutual orgasms brought her back to reality.

The next day the only reminder of their passionate encounter was the carpet burns on her back. As the burns healed, their mutual lust for each other faded and they returned to being only colleagues.

© Rebel’s Notes

PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #crave.

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