A summer's day

It was a lovely summer’s day. Many people were out and about. He has been there since early morning, watching the people coming and going. Men walking with their dogs. Moms and kids, out for a stroll before the kids have to go for an afternoon nap. Friends, just sitting and staring out over the water, enjoying the beautiful nature. And then there were the couples. Some of them sat down on the grass next to the river and talked some while eating some ice cream. Once their ice creams were eaten, they left again. Not everyone left that quickly. Some people – the same as he did – have been there for hours. He was one of the first that spread his towel on the grass on the banks of the river. Some others have joined him. From where he was, he had a nice view of the bigger part of this recreational area. His eyes were fixed on the young couple on a blanket not far from him. They were lying next to some higher vegetation and apparently they deemed themselves invisible.

Next to their blanket was a big picnic basket. They have not even touched the basket, even though they were already there for an hours. They sat for a while – talking, laughing, occasionally kissing. He estimated their ages to be somewhere in the early twenties and to his experienced eyes they seem to be deeply in love. Oh, how he remembered his younger days. He must be about 30 years their senior, but still he enjoys to see the joys of young love – the tenderness in their touching, the exploration of each other’s’ minds and bodies.

The young couple was not aware that they are being watched. They were alone in their own universe. He gently touched her cheek before he kissed her again. She leant into him, sighing and offering him her mouth… and her body. Her body language screamed: touch me, take me, make me yours. His body heard the begging of hers. He pressed his upper body against hers as he kissed her again. She put her arms around him and they slowly lay down, facing each other. The young lady’s back is turned towards the man who is watching. The young man’s hand moved down her back and cupped one of her buttocks. Her body responded. She arched her back, pushing her body closer to his and pushing her backside into his hand.

They stopped kissing as the young man whispered something into the young woman’s ear. She turned around, her back now against his chest. She held onto her dress, holding it close to her knees. The older man saw the movement of the young man’s arm and smiled when he realized what is happening. A look of passion crossed the young woman’s face. She kept her body in place but turned her head to kiss her lover. He was on his elbow, kissing her.

The knees of the woman slightly parted. Again the older man smiled, imagining the hardness that now slipped into the wetness of the girl. He was right. He saw the slight movement of the hips of the young man. A hand moved towards the woman’s front, cupping a breast. She moved to give him more room to touch her breast. The upper part of her dress got stuck on the blanket and as she moved, her breast was exposed. Their passion was too high for them to care. The young man covered her exposed breast with his hand, rolling her hard nipple against the inside of his hand.

It did not take long for the two young people to climax. The stiffening of her body, the expression on her face, the stillness of their bodies afterwards – all telltale signs of their orgasms. They stayed in the same position for quite some time after their movements had stopped. It almost looked as if they have fallen asleep. Then the young man looked around. His eyes and that of the older men met. His lips moved and the eyes of the young woman opened too. The young couple was looking at the older man. He in turn smiled at them and nodded. He lay his head down and closed his eyes. He did not feel horny because of what happened in front of him. No, he felt a kindness and awe for young love. And he felt sadness when he thought of his younger days and his experiences with the love of his life, his soulmate. And he longed for her… but she only still lived in his memories.

© Rebel’s Notes

PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #blanket.

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