A.S.S. Training (8)

Continued from… A.S.S. Training (7)

“Put your medium plug in,” He said. This was becoming the normal ritual for this training. I had to take my medium njoy plug out and put the medium steel plug in, which is just a bit bigger in diameter than the njoy, but has a broader shaft.
I lay down on the bed, still wearing my gown. I threw part of the gown backwards and glanced over my shoulder at where He stood with rope in His hand. Inwardly I was smiling. Was I excited? Was I nervous? I did not know, but I had this smug smile that fought to appear on my face. Luckily I could hold it in.

The plug went in very easily. The training seems to be having exactly the effect on my body that Master T wanted.
“I guess I should take my gown off,” I said and while lying down, I struggled to get out of it. Suddenly I realized that I might just push Him too far.
“I guess I should get up,” I said as I jumped up and quickly took my gown off.
“You can lie down again,” He said and I looked at Him in surprise.
“On my back? Stomach?”
“On your side,” He said sternly.
“The same position I was just in?” I asked and He nodded.
“Oh, that’s comfy,” I smiled and lay down.
“Put your hands behind your back,” He said.

This was the moment when I started to doubt whether this will indeed be a comfortable position. Soon I knew it was not. My hands were tied behind my back. My ankles were tied too. I was in a semi-fetal position, my knees bent. The rope was tied to the bed posts – top and bottom. I was held in the position I was lying in.
“Not as comfortable after all?” He asked.
Before the lights went out and He left the room, the flogger landed on my ass and upper legs a couple of times.

While He was gone, I fought against the ropes. I could turn over on my back, but then I kind of hung in the ropes and my shoulders hurt. I tried to bend forward some more, but the rope prevented me from finding a comfortable position. I could not wriggle too much, as I felt the rope tightening around my wrists. I hooked my finger under the rope and managed to loosen it a bit. I rolled onto my back again, only to feel it tightening again. When He came back I was ready to be untied. He was not ready to untie me.

“Are you wet?” He asked and I admitted that I was.
Let me feel it,” He demanded. I tried as best as I could to spread my legs. He stuck a finger right into my wet cunt.
“And why are you wet?” He asked.
“I don’t know,” I said, knowing that this is one answer He does not like.
“She does not know. Why are you wet?”
“Because I am horny…” I dared to say.
By now His finger was playing on and around my clitoris, rapidly bringing me to some orgasms.

Abruptly He stood up and walked around the bed.
“I am going to untie you and want you to turn onto your stomach.” I obeyed.
He stood next to the bed, holding the flogger. I could see Him from under my hair, but closed my eyes because I did not want to know when the blow of the flogger was on its way towards my ass. However, even closing my eyes did not help, as I could hear it from His movements.
“You can count down again,” He said. Okay, I thought, easy enough. I remembered the previous night, when I had to count down from 10.

“You can count down from 30.”
My heart missed a beat. I did not know whether I would be able to handle 30 stingy blows to my ass.
I was relieved when the flogger did not come down on my back too hard. Just when I started to relax, my ass was on fire.
“Twenty-seven,” I said.
There was no way for me to know when He would hit my ass hard. The softer blows were to my back, my thighs, my calves. Alternated by hard blows to my ass. By the time I reached five, every blow was a hard one. By the time He stopped, my ass was on fire. He softly ran His hand over my ass and then towards my wetness. His hand moved from inside me, to my clitoris. Bringing me to orgasm. He told me to turn on my back. His fingers replaced the plug and my hand found my clitoris. Together we worked towards our orgasms.

Afterwards we lay next to each other. We were both tired. I looked at Him. His eyes were closed.
“How do you think it’s going?” I asked.
“How what is going?” He asked.
“The training.”
“I am happy with your progress,” He said.
I felt tears in my eyes and the word subdrop popped into my mind. I did my best to push it away. Pushed it away very hard. Thankfully, I fell asleep very quickly…

To be continued… Dropping… A.S.S. Training interrupted again

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