A.S.S. Training (7)

Continued from… A.S.S. Training (6)

I was ready to go upstairs some minutes before He was.
“You can go upstairs and put your bigger plug in,” Master T said.

Just as I came out of the bathroom, He came upstairs. He closed the bedroom door. I lay down on bed, still wearing my gown. He was watching me as I threw the gown back and turned my upper body so He could see my breasts. I was feeling mischievous. The plug was in my hand, as was the lubricant.
“You look so sweet, the way you look at me now,” He said.
I felt myself blushing. I slowly spread my legs. He sat down on the bed, looking at my pussy. With two fingers He spread it. He pulled on my piercings. Spread my lips some more. Stuck a finger deep inside me, feeling my wetness. Spread my lips again. All the time He was intensely looking at my pussy. It felt like an inspection. I liked the feeling it gave me.

What I also liked was when He pinched my pussy lips together and rolled it between His fingers. It felt as if He caught my clitoris between my labia and was slightly stimulating that too. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.
“Put your plug in,” He said and stood up.
With my plug in I was given my slut heels to put on. My collar was put around my neck and from that moment on I was not allowed to look at Him. While standing in front of Him – my back turned to Him – His hands moved over my arms, my hips, my upper legs. He did this a couple of times and His touch felt as if He was admiring me.
“You have such a good posture. It’s clear that the training is helping,” He complimented me.

“Lie down on bed, on your stomach,” He ordered. I did and immediately spread my legs wide. Something in me wished that He would pull the plug from my ass and replace it with his hard cock, but I knew He would not. Not yet.

My feet were tied to the posts of the bed, spreading my legs wider and keeping them in place. He put the flogger on the bed next to me. I knew that I would feel it before I was allowed to go to sleep. I did not have to wait long. After allowing me a couple of orgasms, He stood up. The first blow of the flogger was painful. The second one too. I thought it would get better, but it did not. My ass was soon burning and it did not take long before I was begging for Him to stop. I had my hands on my buttocks. He did not stop. The flogger touched my thighs, my hands.
“Remove your hands,” He said.
I shook my head, but removed my hands. My nails dug into the duvet cover and I tried to muffle my cries, feeling tears in my eyes. He sat down next to me and softly stroked my burning buttocks.

When He continued the flogging, I noticed something in myself that I have noticed before. Once I have tears in my eyes, something happens. If the flogging continues, it’s as if it’s not as painful anymore. As if I can handle more. It still hurts – a lot – but in a strange way it’s less painful. Does that make sense? I don’t think so! Why can I handle more? Subspace? Whatever it is, at that moment I crave more. I want Him to abuse me, to use me, to touch me, but not gently. Writing this, I wonder how I would react if indeed He would do this – use and abuse me in a rough way. Would I be able to handle it?

“You can count down,” He said, “count down from 10 to zero.”
I nodded, thinking about a post both He and I have read. By then I wanted the flogging to stop and I was not going to be obstinate. He made sure that every touch of the flogger was felt.
“Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero.”
The flogging stop. His finger was in my wetness and on my clitoris. Orgasms followed. Twice the flogger touched my ass again.
“A gift,” was His explanation.

My feet were untied, but I did not move. My legs were still spread and in the same position as when they were tied to the bed posts.
“I am very pleased with you staying in the same position until I tell you that you can move. Good girl.”
I felt proud. He lay down next to me and pulled me closer. He held me for a while.
“Come sit on top of me,” He said. This is His favorite position. I was still not allowed to look at Him as I was still wearing my collar. But He could look at me, watch me, watch the expressions on my face, pull my nipples, hold my hips and spurt His cum deep in me.

To be continued… A.S.S. Training 8

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