A.S.S. Training (6)

Continued from… Interrupting A.S.S. Training

It was the morning after my punishment. My nipples were sensitive and constantly reminded me of my behavior of the night before. The clamps have left their mark.

During the day I received an email from Master T. I had to follow my standing order and put my njoy plug in the moment I get home. Then at 21.30 I had to insert my bigger steel plug with the bigger base. I am not very fond of this plug, as it hurts me when I sit. Master T told me that I would only have to wear it for a short time, which had me expecting that we would go upstairs early.

Moments after I came home I went upstairs to put in my njoy plug. I was surprised to find that the plug seemed to go in easier than before. To me it was evident that my ass is getting used to the ‘intrusion’. My pussy was not! Each time the plug went in, my pussy went wet – a feeling I really enjoy! We had dinner and after that I sat down on the couch, ready to type my review of the previous night’s training. I had one eye on the time, waiting for the clock to reach 21.30 so I could go upstairs. I did not want to risk forgetting the time.

Two minutes before time, I went upstairs. I took the njoy plug out and easily slipped the bigger plug in my ass. Again I was surprised at how easily the plug slipped in. The base of the bigger plug is somewhat thicker than that of the njoy plug. I immediately felt the difference. My ass was definitely more open with the bigger plug.

But, I hate this bigger plug. It hurts. The base of the plug hurts my buttocks. Before I bought the njoy plug I asked for advice (Plug matters) on what other plug to buy, because this steel plug eventually feels very uncomfortable when I sit down with it. This time was no different. After an hour and a half I hardly knew how to sit anymore and I was grateful that we were going to bed. I hoped that Master T. would tell me that I could take it out.

Just as I entered the bedroom He told me that I could put my pajama on as we were going to sleep. I remembered the previous night and my childish reaction. This time I just nodded.
“You’ve had your training already,” He said.
“Wearing the plug was my training?” I asked and He confirmed it.
“Thank you,” I said.
“This is a much better reaction than that of last night,” He complimented me, “This is the way it should be. I was not happy with your behavior last night and I never want to see it again.”
I felt ashamed. I still remember how I acted the night before and what my thoughts were, but I certainly also remembered the punishment.

He is my Master, the One who decides what happens to my body, how my body will be used. And He is also allowed to tell me that He wants my body to rest. Even when I am disappointed, I have to accept this every time and not fight it the way I did the night before. He is my Owner, my Master. He owns my body. I am His.

To be continued… A.S.S. Training (7)

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