A hand inside

“Good night, my love, sleep well,” I said after I have given Him a kiss.
I stayed on my side, facing Him. I could not stop my thoughts. I was thinking about what might happen two months from that moment. I was thinking about the next day at work. I was thinking I have to sleep. It was late and I had to get up early again. Thoughts mixed with each other. I just hated nights like that, where I cannot sleep because my brain just do not want to stop!

I turned over on my other side. My breathing was quick. I sighed deep, trying to get my breathing under control. I tried to concentrate to calm down. Why was I feeling like that? Was I nervous about going to work the following day? But why? He moved behind me. I instinctively pushed my butt out to feel of He was close to me. I could not feel him. Almost in the same movement I reached back and felt His hand. I placed it on my side. He reached over and touched my breast. Did He move His hand? I don’t know. It felt like it but my breathing was interfering with my other senses. I pushed my backside towards Him again. He felt the movement of my body and moved closer. Not close enough, so I pushed against Him again. This time He moved close enough for me to feel His cock pressing against my bum.

I had no time to feel if He was hard. His hand squeezing my nipple made me moan. He pinched a second time. I turned over on my back. His hand moved to my crotch, moved firmly over my pussy. I pushed against His hand, but it was not enough. I reached down, pushed my pajama pants down and kicked it out of bed. I spread my legs wide for him. I was wet. Very.

He found my clitoris.
“Cum for me,” He whispered.
He did not have to ask a second time. I climaxed. I squirted. I was so horny. I wanted more. I was still breathing heavily. I now knew why I could not sleep – horniness. I did not have time to even acknowledge this thought. Another wet orgasm. I lifted my hips, pushed against His hand. It was dark. I wish I could see him. But I don’t want Him to stop. Another orgasm. His fingers slipped into me. Another orgasm. I felt more fingers moving inside me. He pushed in hard. I felt full. I pushed with my hips, meeting the movement of His hands. His hand moved in and out hard. It felt good. It hurt. I wanted more. I wanted to be fucked hard. I wanted to cum. It hurt. I moaned. I almost begged for more. My hand found my clitoris. Hurt. Pleasure. Horniness.Lust.

The waves of my orgasm made me moan louder. He pulled His hand from my pussy and pushed two fingers into my ass. My orgasm lasted quite long. He wanted to push in a third finger, but I pulled away. The sensations were too much to handle. I needed Him to stop. He pulled His hand out. Held me. He moved down. He wanted to lick me. I did not want that. I wanted to be fucked. Frantically I pushed His underpants down, felt for His hard cock and guided it into me. My fisted pussy was bruised, but my horniness ignored the discomfort. I held onto my legs, wanting to feel Him deep inside me. I climaxed again and sighed when He gruntingly spurted His fluids deep inside me.

“Good night, my love, sleep well,” I said after I have given Him a kiss.
I stayed on my side, facing Him. I softly drifted off to sleep…

© Rebel’s Notes

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