The dentist (3/3)

Continued from The dentist (2/3)

The streaming of the water stopped and the tube was placed back where it belonged. The probe that was still holding her clitoral hood away from her clitoris was removed. The assistant pulled the container – a bucket – away from under the dentist chair. The dentist removed his glasses, pushed his stool backwards and dropped to his knees. Rebel saw and felt the dentist’s tongue touching her sensitive clitoris. He sucked her button, licked it and fucked her pussy with his tongue. Rebel closed her eyes in shame when another orgasm overwhelmed her. The dentist did not stop his licking and sucking until he had drawn another orgasm from Rebel’s body.

When she opened her eyes, the dentist had stopped his licking. Rebel’s eyes grew wide. The assistant was naked! She walked to the side of the chair and got onto it, on her knees. She positioned her knees as tightly against Rebel’s legs as she could and pushed her ass backwards, towards the dentist. As she bent down and took one of Rebel’s nipples into her mouth, the dentist chair moved upwards. After a couple of seconds it stopped again. Rebel gasped, not because of the feeling of the woman’s mouth on her nipple, but because something was entering her pussy. The assistant was blocking her view from what was happening. Whatever was happening, felt good. Very good. These thoughts made Rebel blush again.

Rebel felt frustrated. Not because of what was happening, but because she could not touch the assistant. She wanted to join in the fun. Where she started out feeling abused by the dentist and his assistant, her horniness was taking over and she was enjoying all that was happening to her. She wished that she could have told them this, that she wanted to join, but still no sound came from her mouth. The assistant moved her body and supported herself on her elbows next to Rebel’s head. Rebel saw the dentist and seeing his movements it was clear that he was fucking her. She saw the movements of his hand and realized that he was finger-fucking the assistant. The woman pushed her hand in between her body and Rebel’s and found Rebel’s clitoris.

There were a lot of moaning – the assistant was loud in expressing her lust. The dentist groaned each time he pushed into Rebel’s cunt. Rebel’s mouth opened in silent screams. She hated the fact that she could not move. She wanted to pull her legs up so he could fuck her real deep. Rebel wanted to be able to touch the assistant, to kiss her, to suck the breasts that were swinging right next to her face. One moment she had her eyes fixed on the hard nipples of the assistant, the next on the expression of ecstasy on the assistant’s face and next on the lust showing in the dentist’s eyes as he fucked her. Rebel wished that she could taste the assistant’s pussy while the dentist fucked her. The thoughts she had made her hornier; the moaning and grunting intensified her horniness even more.

The assistant screamed as she reached her orgasm. The dentist was still pushing in and out of Rebel as the assistant got off the chair. She stood next to the chair, watching as the dentist’s cock still moved in and out of Rebel’s pussy. The man pulled up Rebel’s motionless legs and hooked them over his arms, spreading Rebel wide and lifting her ass from the chair. All the time he was pounding in and out of her. The assistant reached for Rebel’s clitoris and rubbed. Hard. The dentist looked down, watching the one woman’s hand on the other woman’s cunt while his cock moved in and out of the wide open wet pussy. Rebel watched the dentist, seeing the raw desire in his eyes and feeling him pushing harder into her. When her pussy contracted in her orgasm, the dentist pushed his hips forward hard, threw his head back and growled when his cum spurted into Rebel.

With his cock still inside her the dentist reached to the counter behind him. When his hand reappeared in Rebel’s line of sight, she saw the syringe in his hand. She winced without moving when she felt the sting in the soft folds between her legs. Her eyes slowly closed and it felt like seconds later when she slowly opened them again. Her mouth was open, kept open by retractors and mouth props. The dentist was busy in her mouth. He smiled at her and told her that he was almost done. Rebel was confused. She moved her hands over her legs and stomach. She was wearing her clothes. She blushed a deep red. That was quite some dream she had – so real!

On her way back to her car she was still amazed about the dream that she had while she was in the dentist chair. She touched her cheek, which still felt numb after the procedure at the dentist. He mentioned something about a molar that would not give her any problems anymore, but she was so preoccupied with what she thought had happened that she did not really listen to him. Rebel shrugged, deciding to just forget about what happened. She realized that she needed to use the bathroom before she got in the car and drove home. Rebel entered a booth in the restrooms and dropped her pants. Automatically her hands went to the elastic of her panties to pull them down too, but there was nothing. She looked down. Her panties – her sexy black and red lace panties – were gone!

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