The dentist (2/3)

Continued from The dentist (1/3)

The assistant walked towards the dentist, holding a silver tray with a paper towel on it. On the paper towel she had arranged different dental instruments. Rebel could not see the instruments on the platter, but she did see the dentist lifting a forceps from the platter. It was quite long and had flat rounded edges. She heard the familiar sound of steel on steel when he opened it and clicked it in place so it stayed open. Then he unclicked it and closed it again. Rebel watched him, wondering what he was going to do with it. Soon she knew. He grasped one of her labia between the ends of the forceps. The round edges of the forceps were locked in place, hurting her, but she could not object. The forceps were put on her thigh, pulling her labium to the side. He did the same on the other side, opening her pussy wide.

Again the dentist looked at Rebel and in one smooth movement his gloved fingers disappeared into her wetness. Rebel blushed when she heard the sound of the wetness as he fucked her with his fingers. He stopped, pulled his fingers out and rubbed the fluid over her clitoris and the inside of her spread labia. His fingers moved over her clitoris, stopping just as she felt that her orgasm would be inevitable. Rebel felt the warmth on her cheeks – she was blushing. She hated the fact that her body was betraying her all over again.

Her eyes followed his movements. The dentist took one of the probes off the tray that the assistant was still holding. They smiled at each other. The dentist touched his assistant between the legs before he turned back to fix his attention on Rebel’s pussy. He pulled the overhead light closer and switched it on. The light shone directly on her inner pink flesh, removing all the shadows and leaving nothing at all to the imagination. Rebel’s eyes grew bigger when the dentist pulled his glasses down. On his glasses he had small binoculars which would enlarge anything he looked at. Oh no! His head moved closer to her pussy. So did the hand with the probe.

She felt the sting when the probe touched her flesh. Whatever he was doing to her, hurt her. At the same time it excited her. Another sting and then she felt her clitoral hood move. She strained her eyes to look down and what she saw made her eyes widen with shock. The dentist has pushed the thin point of the probe through the hole of the piercing in her clitoral hood. Her hood was pushed back with the probe, totally exposing her clitoris to the bright light above her. The dentist turned his head to look at the assistant. He nodded. The assistant reached for one of the tubes in the unit next to the dental chair. The moment she had it in her hand, Rebel heard that it was the suction tube.

Rebel’s eyes grew only bigger as she saw the tube moving in the direction of her pussy. It moved directly towards her exposed clitoris. The force with which her clitoris was sucked against the tube was almost overwhelming. The assistant did not keep the opening of the tube against her clitoris for too long. She alternated the suction and letting go of Rebel’s clitoris. The dentist held the probe in place, exposing her clitoris to the abuse of the suction tube. Rebel fought the feeling of just surrendering to the cries in her body. She knew that she was going wetter. She felt it. And she heard the wetness disappearing into the tube when the dental assistant moved the suction tube lower. The suction torture went on for what felt like ages, until the dentist nodded again. Rebel’s clit was on fire – filled with a burning desire.

The assistant put the tube away and immediately reached for another tube. The nozzle of this tube was not put against her clitoris, but held at a small distance from it. When the force of the water jet hit her clitoris, Rebel’s mouth opened in a silent scream. After the treatment with the suction tube, the water massaging her clitoris was sweet torture. The fire in her body – the urge for a climax – was started again. In her mind she fiercely fought against it. She tried to focus on something else – the sound of the water falling into some kind of container on the floor; the white ceiling above her; thinking of appointments at work in the week to follow. Nothing helped. Her own juices mixed with the water as her pussy contracted in a silent orgasm.

To be continued… The dentist (3/3)

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