The dentist (1/3)

The last time Rebel went to the dentist he said that he wanted to see her back in a month. He explained that had seen a tooth that might possibly need some work soon and he wanted to check on that. Even though his explanation sounded vague, Rebel did not question him. He was the dentist and he was supposed to know his job. She walked to the front counter to make the appointment. By the time that she arrived at the counter, the ladies had already received the notice from the dentist on their screens. There was no need for Rebel to explain what needed to be done at the next appointment.

What surprised Rebel was that her next appointment could be scheduled for a Saturday. When she expressed her surprise, the woman explained that they now offered this option, since lots of people worked fulltime and had difficulty scheduling their appointments during their working hours. Rebel was happy to make her appointment for a Saturday. She too always had to check her schedule before she could schedule an appointment at the dentist and now at least with her next appointment she would not have to take time off from her work.

* * * * * * * * * *

A month later she arrived at the dentist’s office about ten minutes before the scheduled time for her appointment. Rebel was surprised to find that she was the only person in the waiting room. She had expected it to be busier on a Saturday. Since she had the first appointment of the day, she guessed that by the time her appointment was done, there would be more people around. Unlike on working days, there was only one woman behind the counter. It was the same woman who made the appointment for her a month ago. She asked Rebel to sit down and to wait until she was called. Then she disappeared into the consulting room where Rebel’s dentist worked. A good five minutes later she reappeared. She asked Rebel to follow her.

Rebel put her things down on the bench close to the door and lay down in the dentist chair. She glanced down to see if her low cut top was not revealing too much. From the angle she was in, she could see far too much to her liking. She hoped the dentist did not see it. Glancing back towards him, she realized that he did. He was smiling at her – a weird kind of smile. Rebel blushed and lay her head down again, looking at the ceiling. The assistant entered. It was the same woman who sat at the counter when Rebel entered the building. She started to help the dentist to prepare for whatever procedure was to follow. A paper towel was put on her chest, as always happened when she was in the dentist chair. Only this time the assistant brushed against Rebel’s breast. Rebel looked at the assistant in surprise, but she just went about her work. Rebel decided that it must have been an accidental movement of the assistant.

The dentist rolled his dentist stool closer. He appeared in Rebel’s line of vision. When he fiddled with the paper towel on her chest, he too touched her breast. He did not turn his head away when Rebel looked at him. He smiled down at her. Before she could say anything he held a mouth mirror and probe ready in front of her mouth. She opened her mouth. He scratched one of her teeth with the probe. Seconds later he turned away from her. He had a syringe in his hand when he re-appeared in her line of vision. Rebel wanted to ask what he was going to do, but she had not chance to do so. He moved his hand towards her mouth again. She obediently opened it. Ever since she was a child she was slightly afraid of dentists and even now as an adult she was a good girl.

Rebel felt a slight sting when the needle entered her flesh. It was over very quickly. The dentist turned on his stool to put the syringe away. When he turned back towards her he put his hand on Rebel’s breast again. She looked at him and again he smiled wickedly. She opened her mouth to protest, but found that she could not make any sound. He moved his hand upwards and slipped it inside her shirt. She tried to lift her arm to push his hand away, but her arm stayed motionless alongside her body. Rebel panicked. She tried to get up. She could not move. She could only her eyes. She could move her mouth, but no sound came from it. The rest of her body seemed to be paralyzed. The dentist’s hand was still inside her shirt, inside her bra. He lightly pinched her nipple. Rebel widened her eyes as if to warn him, but still he only smiled at her.

The dentist stood up, shoved his hands under her and picked her up in his arms as if she was a child. He walked around to the other side of the chair and put her down again. Her bum was on the headrest. Her head fell backwards on the bottom part of the chair. The chair was adjusted. When the buzzing stopped, Rebel’s head was just slightly higher than the rest of her body. She could see her lower body. Her eyes widened as the assistant pulled her shirt and bra down in one swift movement. Her shoulders, her neck and her breasts were bare. The sleeves of her shirt kept her arms tightly against the sides of her body. Rebel despised the sight of her hard nipples. It felt as if her body was betraying her.

Her eyes widened even more as the assistant unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. Her lacy panties soon followed. The assistant spread her legs. Her legs were now hanging on either side of the headrest of the dentist chair. The dentist was seated on his dentist stool. He rolled it towards her and stopped when he was sitting between Rebel’s legs. He looked down at her pussy and covered it with his gloved hand. Rebel gasped inaudibly. When he slowly lifted his eyes to look into hers he had a determined look on his face. Not breaking eye contact with her, he smoothly shoved two fingers into Rebel’s wet cunt. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. Her cheeks flushed with shame, for yet again her body betrayed her.

To be continued… The dentist (2/3)

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