Patience Training (8)

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I wondered to which part of the bed He was going to tie me for the eighth night of my training. Walking back into the bedroom, I saw some stuff on the bed. I knew for sure that I have put those things on the dressing stool that always stands in front of my dressing table. I looked at it, wondering whether I might have left it on the bed after all. Only then I noticed that the dressing stool was right next to the bed and obviously waiting for me to sit on.

He told me to sit down, facing my dressing table. I had to put my hands on my back. My wrists were firmly tied together. I was told to spread my legs. Doing so I positioned my feet on the sides of the stool I was sitting on. He ran the rope under the tiny knobs that served as feet under the square stool and then He tied the rope around my ankles. Just as when I was tied on the bed, I had to find a balance between the comfort of my wrists or the comfort of my legs.

He turned the clock towards me and told me that He would untie me again in 20 minutes. That seemed so long! I wondered whether I would be able to hold it out for the full 20 minutes. Of course I did not mention this to Him, because I knew that would be disrespectful and He might just decide to leave me in this position for much longer. He left the room, switching the light off and leaving me alone in the dark room.

I hung my head and started to count. I did not want to look at the clock. I decided to count to a hundred and then see how much time has passed. I did not get to a hundred as my mind started to wander. It wandered to the previous nights of training and I wondered whether indeed I am being more patient now than before this training started. When I looked on the clock again, five minutes have passed. Three more minutes later He was back in the bedroom. He sat down on the recliner behind me. I suspected that He was going to wait until the full twenty minutes have passed before He moved again. He can do that: sit quietly for any length of time.

Again I slumped forward, hanging my head and I started to count. This time my counting was interrupted because He moved behind me. I felt His hands on my shoulders, pulling them back.
“Back straight,” He ordered and I straightened my back.
He held one hand on my shoulder and put His other hand in the small of my back, pushing a bit.
“I think your next training should be about posture,” He commented.
“It’s difficult to keep my back straight all the time when my hands are tied behind my back,” I said.
“Your next training will be about posture,” He said, “and once the training is done, the correct posture will be a natural thing for you.”

Now I know that I don’t generally have a bad posture. I have been a gymnast and I have always been taught to walk up straight. But I know that during play – especially when I am tired – I tend to hang my shoulders and my head, arching my back.

“You will be taught to sit or stand with your shoulders pulled back, your back straight and your breasts pushed forward. That is the proper posture.”

I nodded. He sat down again. I stayed in the position that He left me in: back straight, breasts push forward. I felt His eyes on my back; knew that He was watching me. I watched the clock and saw the last four minutes drag by. Exactly on the time He indicated, He untied me and allowed me to go to bed.

To be continued: Patience Training (9)

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