Patience Training (7)

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He was waiting for me with the rope in His hand and an expression of strictness on His face. While I took my gown off, I looked around and wonder what He had in stall for me tonight. I looked at the bed and thought: He could tie me to the bottom end of the bed – in the length.

I stood in front of Him, looked Him in the eyes and waited for Him to tell me what I should do. He gently touched my breasts; gently rolled my nipples between His fingers.

“Lie down across the bed, as close as you can to the bottom end, your tits towards the bottom end,” He demanded.
I chuckled and immediately saw His gaze darkening. Quickly I explained that it happened twice the night before that I thought about something and He then did or say it, and that now it happened again. This explanation somehow saved me, as part of this ongoing training was for me to stop being nervously sassy during our play.

I lay down at the bottom end, held my arms bent in front of me and moved as close to the bottom end as I could. He slipped rope around my wrists and tied them firmly. Then He tied them firmly to the bottom end, ran the rope around the outer side of the bed, firmly tied my ankles together and then He tied them to the bed. The position was not uncomfortable. Not at all. I might just fall asleep while waiting, I thought, but that would be disrespectful towards Master T.

“Don’t fall asleep,” He said as He left the room and I had to chuckle again. I don’t think He heard it, but knew that if He did, He would take action when He came back.
Where I thought that it was a comfortable position, I realized soon that being in the same position for some length of time, could eventually get less easy. However, I stayed in the position that He left me in, even though I thought it might be easy enough to change it.

I heard Him entering the room again. I fully expected him to either slap my ass or scratch hard up and down my back. He did not. He did not touch me. He might have looked at me, but since He was behind me, I had no way of knowing. The television was switched on. I heard Him pressing the buttons on the remote control, switching channels. He found His favorite talk show and turned the sound up a bit. What? I thought. What? He is not going to watch the show, is He? He’s not going to just leave me here, is He?

I played around with many thoughts in my mind. Should I ask Him how long He was going to leave me here? Should I ask Him to untie me? What if He fell asleep behind me? How long would He leave me here? I should keep my mouth shut and say nothing. I have to be patient.

I don’t know how long He left me there. When He untied me, I could hardly wait to get under the covers, as my body felt cold. I felt cold. I told Him this and He just smiled, telling me that I wasn’t even tied up for so long.

“I feel that I have been quite patient tonight,” I said, fishing for a compliment.
“True. And I think that we will repeat these exercises many times before you will be able to be patient in all situations,” He said. I saw the seriousness on His face as He said this and I only nodded, wondering what the eighth training would bring me.

To be continued: Patience Training (8)

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