Patience Training (6)

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“Stand on your knees there,” He said, pointing to the floor at the foot of the bed.

“Which side should I face?” I asked.
“Face the bed,” He said, “and stand as close to the bed as you can.”

I got on my knees but stayed a couple of centimeters away from the bed. The cast iron of the bed was cold and I was carefully avoiding it.

“Spread your arms,” He ordered and I did.
He took my left wrist and tied it firmly to the bed. He walked around to the other side, wrapped the rope around my right wrist and then pushed against my back. He pushed my body against the cold iron bars. The rope was pulled tight. It ran across my back, holding me firmly against the bottom end of the bed. My right wrist was tied to the bed.

He grabbed my nipples and pulled, pulling my breasts up so they rested on the cross bar of the bottom end of the bed. I had to straighten my back to hold them there. When He was done tying my up, my arms were spread sideways and rope around my neck prevented me from sitting down if my legs got tired. I was on my knees, my back straight and my tits held in place by the cross bar on the bottom end of the bed.

I looked at the clock, knowing that He was going to leave me alone and estimating that He would be gone for about ten minutes. I decided that the clock would guide me through this, as my legs already started to hurt. Somehow, He must have read my mind.

“It’s a quarter to twelve,” He said, “I will untie you at midnight.”
I felt… I don’t know what I felt, but I knew that protesting would not help, so I just nodded. He left the room and I was surprised (and relieved) when He came back only eight minutes later. In those eight minutes I tried to move, but I had very little room to do so. I tried to unburden one leg at a time, but it did not help a lot. My legs started to get tired, but I knew that I would have to stand like that for the full fifteen minutes. As He entered the room again, I was waiting for Him with my head bowed. Bowing my head and not looking at Him has become a way for me to show my respect to Him as my Master.

He sat down in the recliner behind me. I felt His hand on my buttocks, tapping lightly and I knew I had to spread my legs. This was not easy in the position I was in, but I obeyed. He found my wetness. Concentrating on my clitoris, He brought me to an orgasm, for which I had permission. He softly touched my buttocks again and at that moment I had to think about the flogger. Somehow I hoped that He would not get to the idea to use it. For the second time this evening it was as if He had read my mind. He stood up and got the flogger from our toy chest. Blow after blow – starting soft but stinging more after some blows – landed on my ass.

When it stopped, He fingered me again and I thought that I would be tied up way past midnight. More orgasm followed. My eyes were closed. When He started to untie me, I opened my eyes and I was surprised that it was exactly midnight. As always, He kept to his word.

“Get on the bed, spread your legs and make sure I can reach your ass without obstruction,” He said.
“Should I lie on my back or on my stomach?” I asked.
“As long as I can reach your ass, it doesn’t matter in what position you are in,” He said in a strict voice.
I lay down on my back, spreading my legs wide. After an intense, anally induced orgasm, He entered me while my pussy was still twitching.
“This is how you fuck a bitch,” He said, which almost instantly sent me to my next orgasm.

To be continued: Patience Training (7)

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