Patience Training (5)

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We were both tired. I knew that even if I would say that we should just go to sleep and skip the training, He would not do it. He has said that the training will be done every night for as long as He sees fit, and I believed him. Master T would not skip one evening until He is satisfied that the goal He has in mind has been reached.

Master T took the rope from the toy trunk and asked me to sit down on the bottom end of the bed, on my knees and then to sit back on my legs. The previous night I already found this an uncomfortable position, but there on the softness of the mattress it was even worse. He was kind. Very kind, when He told me to assume a position where my muscles won’t start hurting after a while.

“I can bend forwards,” I said and immediately did.
“I don’t want you to feel panic,” He said.
“This position is okay, because I am not flat on my stomach.”
I stayed like that, kneeling, my ass in the air, my forehead on the bed, my neck bent a bit so I could breathe freely. He tied my hands behind my back and then He tied me to the bed. He told me that He was in a kind mood, that He is leaving me some room to move. However, He still wanted me to think, to continue the thinking I have started a couple of nights before. And to remember that He won’t always be as kind as this.

I was alone for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. While He was gone, I was thinking about how I should present myself to Him. I knew that no sex would follow – He told me that all He was going to do was to tie me up, to force me to think. I wanted to present myself to Him in such a way that He would see that I was waiting… waiting for what would come. But I also want Him to see my submission to Him.

By the time He came back I was sitting up, leaning against the edge at the foot of the bed. My head was bowed, my back straight, my hips pushed slightly forward, my breasts clearly visible. The sound He made when He came to stand behind me was one that sounded like approval. His hands covered my breasts. His left thumb and forefinger found my left nipple. My right nipple was found by his right hand. He rolled my nipples between thumbs and forefingers. I anticipated the pain, which did not come. The moment I relaxed, enjoying the firm treatment on my nipples, I felt the pain. I opened my eyes, saw His hands covering my breasts, saw the nipples flattened between His thumbs and forefingers and felt the pain. It hurt, but it felt good.

I felt myself go wet by the sight of His hands on my breasts, the way He treated my nipples. I tried not to close my eyes when He pinched them hard again. After several minutes of kneading, stroking and pinching He stopped and started to untie me. Once untied, I waited until He told me that I could get dressed and go to bed.

The training will continue… for the sixth consecutive night.

To be continued:  Patience Training (6)

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